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Notes From Norm
24 March 2017
Notes from Norm: Pray for London and Stand Up for Democracy
Notes From Norm
13 March 2017
Notes from Norm: the American Health Care Act, health care that will work for all Americans
Notes From Norm
1 March 2017
Notes from Norm: I believe
Notes From Norm
18 January 2017
Notes from Norm: Coming to the Rescue of Americans’ Health Care
Republicans didn’t get elected to make health care more difficult for Americans to obtain. They were elected to repeal ObamaCare to make health care more accessible, and affordable, for all Americans. That’s a “rescue” plan for the American people that Republicans and Democrats ought to get behind.
Health Care
13 January 2017
A New Path Forward
Health insurance that provided more choices and better care, at lower costs. A system that puts patients and doctors in charge. Providing peace of mind to people with preexisting conditions.Paving the way for new cures by eliminating senseless regulations.
Individual Liberty
4 January 2017
What’s Obama Been Doing in the Dark?
Since Election Day, Obama has been busy, pushing through over $21 billion “midnight” regulations and counting. Check out five of the most COSTLY midnight regulations under Obama.
Notes From Norm
21 December 2016
Notes from Norm: Trump’s Lincolnian Team of Rivals
With the Electoral College concluding that Donald Trump has been officially elected America’s next President, we can see the construction of an Administration that is following a Lincolnian path.
Notes From Norm
5 December 2016
Notes from Norm: The Last Tears of the Obamaphiles
Donald Trump is not following the script of the political left in America. They are terrified they have now become the people on the outside looking in rather than those they put on the outside looking in for nearly a decade: The American people.
Notes From Norm
29 November 2016
Notes from Norm: One Dead Castro Does Not End Cuba’s Suffering
The inconvenient truth for those who glorify Fidel Castro and excuse his merciless rule is that Fidel Castro was evil in life. His death does not end his evil. Yes, Fidel Castro can no longer pull the levers of power in Cuba. But, as long as his brother, Raul, has breath in his lungs, the ideology that led to the death and oppression of Cubans for nearly 60 years will continue.