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Notes From Norm
22 June 2017
Note from Norm: Otto Warmbier must be a wake up call on North Korea
Media reports abound these days with the looming possibility that a majority of Democrats in the United States Senate may choose to side with President Obama, rather than an overwhelming majority of Americans, and support his agreement with Iran. It is a sobering thought. Equally disconcerting is the possibility that not only will that majority […]
Notes From Norm
13 June 2017
Notes from Norm: Tax Reform Bails Out Middle America
Notes From Norm
17 May 2017
Notes from Norm: A Mayor Still Matters
Notes From Norm
9 May 2017
Notes from Norm: The Beginning of the End of Obamacare
“Let us state the facts plainly: Otto Warmbier, an American citizen, was murdered by the Kim Jong-un regime.” S. Senator John McCain, 6/19/17 The murder of an American by the government of North Korea should put to rest any sense that the world is dealing with a regime capable of existing in the international community. […]
1 May 2017
POLITICO Pro: Republican nonprofit to spend millions pushing tax reform
Notes From Norm
25 April 2017
Notes from Norm: Time for the U.S. to Assess Support of UN
Notes From Norm
20 April 2017
Notes from Norm: American Innovation in Government
Notes From Norm
7 April 2017
Notes From Norm: Judge Neal Gorsuch will be confirmed today by the United States Senate
Notes From Norm
24 March 2017
Notes from Norm: Pray for London and Stand Up for Democracy