Employment Impact of Proposed Mandatory Part D Drug Rebates

| Economy & HealthCare | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The President and some members of Congress have proposed requiring that prescription drug manufacturers pay rebates to the federal government for drugs dispensed to Medicaid/Medicare dual-eligible beneficiaries and other low-income seniors through the Medicare Part D program. (The required rebates would be in addition to the manufacturer-paid rebates already in the Part D program due to the market-based negotiations between manufacturers and Part D plans). 

Cost Shifting Debt Reduction to America’s Seniors

| HealthCare | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The United States faces a daunting budgetary outlook.  To avert an impending debt crisis, policymakers must tackle the unsustainble growth in entitlments in general, and Medicare spending in particular.

Notes From Norm: Common Sense Against Ebola

| HealthCare | Norm Coleman

I have always been supportive of the free flow of goods and people between countries.  But the Ebola pandemic must cause us the rethink prior perspectives, and be prepared to take strong steps to stem the possibility of the catastrophic consequences of the failure to act.

It's time for a travel ban on countries at the Ebola epicenter.

The first reports of an Ebola outbreak in West Africa, according to the BBC, began in March.

Since then it has become the deadliest outbreak of the disease since 1976 when it was first discovered.

Notes From Norm: The Glitch that Stole HealthCare

| HealthCare | Norm Coleman

The word “glitch” seems innocuous enough.  

We tend to associate the word with annoying obstacles in our day-to-life.  Just enough irritation to cause a few choice cuss words here and there and maybe, once in awhile, a call to the cable company to get the internet back up and running or a quick trip to the mechanic to get something fixed on the car.

Notes from Norm: The ObamaCare Legacy

| HealthCare | Norm Coleman

In fifty days the American people will head to the polls all across the country.  At stake is control of the United States Senate and what size of a GOP Majority will be leading the U.S. House of Representatives.

In these pages of “Notes from Norm” I have written about many of the failed policies of President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress.

Notes From Norm: Three of Life Certainties

| HealthCare | Norm Coleman

It has long been considered there are only two certainties in life:  death and taxes.

A slight amendment to that adage now includes the certainty that ObamaCare will continue to torment Americans as long as it remains the law of the land.

And, for good reason.

Born out of bad faith, sold on a lie, ObamaCare neither allowed you to keep your own health insurance, it also didn’t demonstrably or positively impact health care reform in America.

AAN Releases Study Examining Medicare Advantage Cuts Per Congressional District

| HealthCare | Dan Conston Features District-by-District Data of How Much Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage Cuts Have Already Cost Seniors

American Action Network Responds to the Obama Administration's Finalized 2015 Medicare Advantage Rates

| HealthCare | Emily Davis

Washington – American Action Network (@AAN) President Brian O. Walsh today issued the following statement in response to the Obama Administration’s finalized Medicare Advantage rates for 2015. While the Obama Administration claims a slight rate increase of 0.4 percent, private sector analysis shows that the final rates cut Medicare Advantage about 3 percent – down from the nearly 6 percent rate cut proposed in February.

Real Clear Policy Op-Ed: Stop Cuts to Medicare Advantage

| HealthCare | Norm Coleman

By Norm Coleman

Real Clear Policy Opinion Page

April 7, 2014

The president is celebrating the recent announcement that 7 million people have signed up for Obamacare. Who those people are, how many were actually uninsured previously, and how many enrolled because they'd had good policies canceled -- and now have higher costs and less extensive doctor networks on the exchanges -- are among the remaining unanswered questions.

American Action Network Launches $1 Million Medicare Advantage Campaign

| HealthCare | Dan Conston

TV, Digital & Mail Urge 9 Senators & Congressmen To Fight “Deep Rate Cuts” to Seniors’ Health Care