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Notes From Norm: Saving America's Heroes

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

My Dad was an American Hero.  He, along with millions of other young men called to the front lines of battles in World War I and II, represented what we have come to call “The Greatest Generation”.

With each passing day there are fewer of those heroes from that era.  Like my father, many lived long, prosperous lives – raising families – building America – basking in the freedom and liberty and democracy they fought for – and many gave their bodies and lives for in the process.

Notes From Norm: Shutting the Door on Internet Freedom

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

In all of the tools in the arsenal of democracy few are more powerful than that of free and unfettered access to information and communication.

In the modern era most revolutions (think “Arab Spring” or the “Green Revolution” in Iran) have been empowered and propelled by access to social media courtesy of the creation of the internet.

More powerful than governments and more persuasive than a gun, we have learned that people, given access to information and able to communicate ideas and inspiration at will, can reshape a nation and topple a regime.

American Action Network Congratulates David Jolly in FL-13 Special Election

| Recent Events | Dan Conston
WASHINGTON - American Action Network (@AAN) Chairman and former Senator Norm Coleman (MN) issued the following statement in response to tonight's special election results in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. AAN spent $500,000 in independent expenditures in the FL-13 special election.

American Action Network Launches First Ads of $500,000 Campaign in FL-13

| Recent Events | Emily Davis

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network today released the first television ads of its new $500,000 campaign in the special election in Florida’s 13th congressional district.The independent expenditure ad, “Mess,” will begin airing February 4th and will be accompanied by a corresponding digital ad campaign featuring a similar 15-second version.

AAN’s $500,000 independent expenditure investment in the FL-13 race includes broadcast, targeted cable and digital advertising as well as targeted mail.

AAN Announces $500,000 Advertising Campaign in FL-13 Special Election

| Recent Events | Emily Davis

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network announced today they are investing $500,000 in the special election in Florida’s 13th congressional district. The independent expenditures include over $350,000 in broadcast and targeted cable television from February 4 – February 20, 2014, as well as targeted mail and digital advertising.


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Introducing #EmptySuit. This new video from AAN puts a different twist on what the State of the Union address means for many Americans.

Year after year, President Obama has used this annual address to deliver lofty rhetoric but hollow promises to the American people. Yes, we’ve heard it all before, and seen the empty results.

That’s why AAN is giving this year’s State of the Union address a well-earned introduction. Watch the #EmptySuit video here or below.

Notes From Norm: Reset the Resent Strategy

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

Between now and January 28th, the date the President will present his State of the Union Address, we can expect a variety of news stories about the next Obama Administration “reset” of their political agenda.

Bedeviled by falling poll numbers due to its own ineptness, dishonesty and listlessness, the Obama Administration is about to embark upon a new effort to convince Americans, and the Congress, that the President is still capable of setting an agenda for America’s future.

Notes From Norm: Real Life Sons and Grandsons

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

"I would not let my son play pro football.”

-        President Barack Obama

I share little in common with President Obama when it comes to policies and politics. 

As a parent, however, I suspect he and I share many of the same goals and aspirations for our children. 

While mine are grown and out of the house, and his remain under the care of the President and the First Lady, our hopes and dreams for our children are always that they have a successful life.

Notes From Norm: A Butterfly Net

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

This past year has been one of assorted highs and lows for all of us, including myself.

I’ve seen the passing of friends and family with the passage of time. The older one gets the more those losses hit closer to home. 

I think this year particularly, with the death of my cousin Johnny Olson, whose genius and creativity made every moment with him memorable,his own brand of poetry, his own gift of expression comes to mind. 

Notes From Norm: A Good First Start

| Recent Events | Norm Coleman

“I think people are hungry to get things done around here,” Ryan said. “That’s what I got, I got so many of my colleagues saying thank you for bringing some normalcy back to this place. So I’m very pleased about that.”

These are the words of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan after the resounding passage of The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013.

Truer words have rarely been spoken in the past several years as it pertains to ANYTHING getting done in Congress.
After a government shutdown that never had to happen, the adults in the room have begun to take charge of government again.