Jim Nussle

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Jim NussleIn 2007 Jim Nussle was nominated by President George W. Bush to be the 36th Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Upon confirmation by the U.S. Senate, he joined the Cabinet.

Nussle was one of the President’s most senior advisors, serving on his National Economic Council, National Security Council, Homeland Security Council and National Domestic Policy Council.

Nussle's background prior to the White House includes sixteen years in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the Eastern Iowa, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, president of his local Chamber of Commerce and served as a volunteer firefighter.

Nussle currently serves as President of The Nussle Group, a multi-disciplined, strategic consulting and public policy firm. He serves on several boards, continues to be a sought after speaker at political and industry conferences and is contributor on CNBC.

Nussle received his BA from Luther College and his law degree from Drake University.