Tested Policy Choices

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American Action Network teamed with Resurgent Republic to test policy choices for center right activists and key decision makers.   You can find the polling memos and the policy choices these memos are based on by clicking through the links below.

Economic Recovery
There is no more urgent need facing our nation than to get our economy growing again and creating jobs.  The Obama Administration and its liberal Democratic allies continue to grow the size of government through historic spending and tax increases, but their policies have failed to create jobs. To read more click here.

Health Care Repeal
Democrats famously predicted voters would like the health care bill once they found out what was in it, but even in the heat of the summer and continued economic struggles, these predictions have proven wrong.  The American Action Network and Resurgent Republic have found that in spite of a massive rebranding of ObamaCare by the Administration, likely voters, including independents, still favor repeal. To read more click here.

The American people have grown disenchanted with repeated assurances that our nation must become energy independent only to see half-measures enacted that have not reduced our reliance on foreign energy.  Policies must embrace new technologies, stress energy independence as a national security issue, promote our own domestic production and diversify our energy portfolio. Doing so will effectively increase our global competitiveness, increase domestic job creation, and secure our safety. To read more click here.

Voters have a middle-of-the-road attitude when it comes to education, with center right arguments on either side splitting the electorate.  Voters narrowly agree that federal education dollars should be spent exclusively on public schools, that teacher pay should not be tied to teacher performance, and that all teachers should be required to complete teacher training classes.  Given voter ambiguity on center right positions, more work is needed to put these policy choices on solid ground. To read more click here.

June Policy Findings
With Independent voters siding overwhelmingly with Republican voters again in our latest survey, conservative and market-oriented policies now consistently trump the liberal and government-oriented policies pursued by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  In three key policy areas – health care, energy, and fiscal issues – conservative policies are more popular than liberal ones.  To read more click here.