Blamer in Chief

| Regulation | Sam Batkins
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“Congress should.”  “Congress could.”  “Congress should.”  President Obama began his press conference by passing plenty of blame to Congress.  Given his recent regulatory record, however, the president need only look in the mirror to apportion blame.

A new American Action Forum project has begun tracking power plant closings from EPA’s regulatory overreach.  Despite claims that “regulations create jobs,” there are two dozen power plants across the country that will soon (by 2015) shutdown because of overregulation. 

These figures aren’t conjecture or empty rhetoric; there are more than 1,850 jobs that will be lost because of the president’s environmental policies.  And no one region is directly affected.  The Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and states as far west as Texas will have to cope with job losses and more than 12.6 gigawatts of power forced from the market. 

President Obama has always had a plan to blame Congress but his plan for job creation is still tangled in the regulatory morass he created.