Press Release: American Action Network Launches Advertising Campaign Supporting Senator Hatch's Fight to Balance the Budget

| Economy | Communications Staff
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The American Action Network today announced an advocacy campaign applauding Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) for leading the fight to stop reckless spending and balance the budget. The American Action Network's campaign includes four weeks of Fox News cable television advertising. American Action Network President Brian Walsh issued the following statement regarding the campaign:

"Senator Hatch has been a strong fiscal conservative, who has opposed President Obama's failed fiscal policies and is strongly advocating the passage of a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to serve as the backbone for needed long term fiscal reform," said Walsh. "American Action Network supports Senator Hatch's efforts and, it is our hope that through this advertising campaign we can help rally more of Utah's citizens to this cause as well."

Click here to view the ad.


"Across Europe, huge of debt and overspending are crashing down in dramatic fashion. Could it really happen in America?  We're closer than you think. That's why Orrin Hatch is leading the fight to STOP reckless spending and to balance our budget. Senator Hatch has fought against the President's bloated stimulus. He's led the fight for a balanced budget amendment and he's stopped the latest stimulus dead in its tracks. Tell Senator Hatch to keep leading the fight to balanced the budget."