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Three Ways to Flunk at College (Reform)
Increasingly, many policymakers are calling for taxpayers to foot the bill for either “debt free college” or refinancing of student loans. But, do these proposals actually help? Offering the same failed Obamacare model of higher taxes and mandates will do nothing to curb costs. Ultimately, the proposals are counterproductive as taxpayer subsidies cause rising tuition.
Iran Deal: $3.1 Billion More for Terrorism
Did you know Iran spends 65% of its defense budget on a paramilitary force that actively supports terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East? The Obama administration's Iran deal would provide Iran with an estimated $140 billion in sanctions relief, potentially pumping $3.1 Billion more into the terrorist-linked force... and that's not all.
#Eakinomics Video
American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin explains how a minimum wage hike could hurt those in poverty and lose 6.6 million jobs - and breaks down some smart policy solutions that could end wage stagnation and increase quality of life for millions of Americans.
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