10 June 2019

American Action Network Issues Statement For One Year Anniversary Of The Restoring Internet Freedom Order

American Action Network (AAN) President Dan Conston issued the following statement for tomorrow’s one-year anniversary of the Restoring Internet Freedom Act:

“One year ago, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai implemented the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations on the Internet,” AAN President Dan Conston said. “Opponents tried to paint Chairman Pai’s order as the end of the internet as we knew it, but the internet is still thriving, and faster than ever before.  June 11th should be celebrated as Internet Independence Day for freeing the Internet from overregulation and protecting its current and future potential as an economic engine for the nation.”  

“Unfortunately, liberal activists continue to push ‘net neutrality’ as a massive government takeover and overregulation of the Internet in place of the truly free and open Internet we know today. Americans don’t want Nancy Pelosi to take control of the Internet and threaten expanded access to faster broadband and new innovations like the IoT and augmented reality.”

“Instead of pushing for a government Internet takeover with job and innovation killing overregulation, Congress needs to look to the future and forge a new bipartisan solution, so the Internet continues to drive economic growth and opportunity in today’s digital marketplace.”