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26 June 2024
The Left’s Border Crisis Puts Americans in Danger
Last night, NBC News reported that more than 400 illegal aliens from Central Asia were trafficked across the border by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network. Alarmingly, just over 150 of the ISIS-tied illegal immigrants have been arrested, and the whereabouts of over 50 remain unknown. This shocking report is just one of dangerous consequences of […]
4 June 2024
Political Games Won’t Solve Biden’s Border Crisis
President Biden has announced that his administration – which created the worst border crisis in history – is taking half-measure on an executive action supposedly designed to limit asylum seekers at the border. This maneuver reeks of electoral panic. Just months ago, Biden swore he didn’t have the authority to secure the border, insisting “I’ve done all I can do.” But […]
16 April 2024
New AAN Poll: Most Conservative Voters Favor Ukraine Aid
The New York Post reported on a new AAN policy survey determining how conservative voters view the U.S. sending aid to Ukraine. Our polling found that despite conventional wisdom, sending some type of aid to Ukraine and putting a check on Putin are far more popular among conservative voters than some believe. Here are key […]
17 January 2024
Vasquez Votes Against Border Security… Again
Today, Gabe Vasquez just voted against a commonsense resolution to condemn the crisis happening at our southern border, denounce the Biden administration’s open-border policies and urge Biden to secure the border now. The bill passed the House with bipartisan support, but still Vasquez voted against it. Just like Vasquez voted against House Republicans’ signature border security legislation, H.R. 2: the Secure […]
3 January 2024
Speaker Johnson & 64 House Conservatives visit southern border: “It’s an unmitigated disaster”
Today, 64 House Conservatives, led by Speaker Mike Johnson, visited the southern border at Eagle Pass, TX. After meeting with border officials, Speaker Johnson had this to say:  “One thing that is absolutely clear, America is at a breaking point with record levels of illegal immigration… The situation here and across the country is truly […]
14 June 2023
Tax hikes or tax relief: What will liberals choose?
According to AAA, gas prices are about $1.20 a gallon higher than when President Biden took office, and CNBC reports that core inflation remains high, still double what inflation was when Biden took office. Americans continue struggling to keep up with the high cost of living. Meanwhile, the left remains opposed to checks on their […]
22 May 2023
Does the White House even want a deal?
Despite the left’s refusal to negotiate, Politico reports that President Biden has “prioritized deal-making” in the debt limit talks. *Checks notes* Back in January, the White House pushed the House to “show us your plan” and provide a debt limit proposal before they would even consider negotiating. When the House majority passed a bill to […]
9 May 2023
New poll confirms White House still clueless in debt ceiling battle
Despite facing criticism on multiple fronts, President Biden still refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling. According to a new poll by America’s New Majority Project, 60.7% of voters agree that Biden and the Senate should negotiate a compromise with Speaker McCarthy to avoid an economic catastrophe, while only 26.8% disagree.  Their poll also found that most Americans actually want government to cut spending […]
22 April 2023
Earth to White House: Proposed savings and repealing IRS agents are actually popular with voters!
As the debt ceiling battle heats up, Biden’s negotiating strategy (or lack thereof) is losing steam. The Washington Post reports the Biden administration is still refusing to cut spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. They write: “One person familiar with the White House’s thinking, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe internal […]