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18 January 2021
NOTE FROM NORM: A More Perfect Union
Today, against a backdrop of a global pandemic, summer riots in our cities in 2020, and an attempted overthrow of our Democracy in Washington, D.C., we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Perhaps, it is fitting that this day falls in between the near cataclysmic events of January 6, 2021, and the most potent symbol […]
2 January 2021
POLL: Kind in trouble on Pelosi vote
The poll is in and the results are clear: Ron Kind better think twice if he’s mulling a flip-flop to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. American Action Network released new polling today that shows a whopping 62% of Kind’s constituents oppose Pelosi for Speaker. Worse: If Kind either votes ‘present’ and allows her to become Speaker or votes […]
31 December 2020
NOTE FROM NORM: A War in the Democratic Party and the Socialists are Winning
Nearly four years ago, I wrote about Socialism’s future in the modern-era Democratic Party on “Notes from Norm.” The post described a growing sense of comfort that many in the Democratic Party it was politically acceptable to embrace the ideology. Written before the election of “The Squad,” the Socialist group of U.S. House Members led by […]
29 December 2020
Pelosi deputy sounds alarm on overturning IA-02
Democrats are already wringing their hands over Rita Hart and Speaker Pelosi’s plan to overturn the results of Iowa’s Second Congressional District, with one of Pelosi’s top lieutenants publicly slamming Pelosi’s plan today, complaining that it’s making others in the party “anxious” and that they ought to “trust the local process.” I wonder how much of […]
22 December 2020
Majority want Pelosi out
Sometimes the headline really says it all… But with swing district voters demanding Pelosi head for the exits, has anyone checked in with Ron Kind (or Elissa Slotkin, Conor Lamb, Jared Golden, or Abigail Spanberger, for that matter) to see who they plan to vote for Speaker? And before you think voting “present” gets any of them […]
22 December 2020
Axne endorses Hart’s power grab
Quick update: Congresswoman Cindy Axne has now ENDORSED Rita Hart’s partisan power grab to have Nancy Pelosi overturn the state-certified results of Iowa’s election and hand her pal Rita Hart a seat in Congress. So much for Axne’s promise to “return our Democracy back to the people,” right? Remember: Polling says Axne’s constituents are NOT on […]
22 December 2020
Axne still mum
Rita Hart filed paperwork today to have Nancy Pelosi overturn the Iowa-certified election results and hand a seat in Congress to Rita Hart. But Cindy Axne STILL has not found the time to condemn her party’s blatant power grab. Guess it’s as good a time as ever to remind folks that 2/3 of Axne’s constituents […]
22 December 2020
She’s actually doing it
Rita Hart is making it official today and will formally file the paperwork to ask House Speaker Pelosi to overturn the state-certified results of her failed election to seat her instead of Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who voters elected. The move is opposed by 7-in-10 constituents of her district and would make a majority IA-02 residents believe […]
21 December 2020
Editorial boards all agree: Hart needs to concede
Editorial boards and Iowans alike are all in agreement: Rita Hart needs to step aside. This weekend, the editorial board of the Telegraph Herald penned a scathing editorial saying Hart’s decision to bypass Iowa’s court systems was “inappropriate” and calling on her to concede. For those keeping track, the Telegraph Herald’s addition this weekend means […]