2 May 2019

CBO Delivers Bad News For Single-Payer

The headlines speak for themselves. The Congressional Budget Office’s report on Medicare for All confirms what we knew all along: the left’s dream of socialized medicine would erode quality of care, cause longer waits, and decrease access to the care Americans need while completely upending the American health care system. Oh, and the plan would end the private health care coverage of 180 million Americans.

Here’s what they are saying about the CBO’s report on single-payer:

Washington Examiner: Budget office warns of longer waits, less access under Medicare for All Act

Washington Post: Medicare-for-all plans get a reality check

USA Today: ‘Medicare for All’ health system could be ‘complicated’ and ‘potentially disruptive:’ budget analysts

Washington Post: Health 202: CBO analysis shows single-payer health system would be messy

Bloomberg: Single-Payer Health Care Would Be ‘Major Undertaking,’ CBO Says

Modern Healthcare: CBO warns of complexities, disruption of a single-payer system

Fiscal Times: Switch to Medicare for All Would Be ‘Complicated and Potentially Disruptive’: CBO

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