28 October 2021

Guess those 21 Members got our message

That didn’t take long.

AAN launched a series of ads over the last week (here and here) going after Pelosi’s plan to have the IRS target nearly every American’s bank account. The NRCC did too.

Now this morning, 21 House Democrats signed a letter opposing the plan, asking for it to be removed from the bill.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t seem to care much…. She included it anyway in the outline released this morning – and it’s still the biggest pay-for in the plan.

So…. Was this letter all for show? Will these 21 Members fall in line and walk the plank for Pelosi anyway?

“The so-called ‘moderates’ have caved to Nancy Pelosi every step of the way. Americans are right to be skeptical that this letter is anything more than political grandstanding and a desperate run for cover from a proposal they know is absolutely toxic back home,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “It speaks volumes that every single one of these Members sat quietly until we started pounding this reckless invasion of privacy on the airwaves in their districts.”