19 April 2021

liberals look the other way at horrifying border conditions

ABC News has uncovered shocking new details on the horrific conditions migrant women are facing at Joe Biden’s border facilities. According to the appalling account:


  • Girls aged 13-17 housed at Biden’s Houston facility were “instructed to use plastic bags for toilets”
  • Women were barred from leaving their “makeshift cots” surrounded only by “boxes intended to offer some semblance of privacy”
  • Girls “were not allowed to get up, unless it was to shower, or to use the restroom. Even their meals were delivered to their cots.”
  • The facilities “failed to comply with pandemic-related distancing measures”
  • A civil rights activist who toured the facility said he saw “’desperation’ in the girls’ faces that was ‘unbearable and incredible’” adding that he “would not allow my 15-year-old sister to go and volunteer in a place like this because I don’t know what she’s going to see.”


And yet, like always, even Houston area Members of Congress like Lizzie Fletcher have said nothing.


How much more human suffering must be endured before Members like Carolyn Bourdeaux, Jared Golden, Elaine Luria, and Colin Allred speak out and step up to stop the Biden Border Crisis?


“The Congressional left could have stepped up to stop this. Instead, they looked the other way as countless women and children have been forced into unimaginably horrific conditions – a consequence of their misguided policies,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “This is a humanitarian crisis the left has created and even as it grows worse by the day, they simply refuse to do anything to end it.”