30 March 2021

Luria busted downplaying crisis

As the border crisis worsens, Elaine Luria isn’t stepping up to lead. She’s downplaying the crisis and pretending it isn’t happening.

Luria downplayed the border crisis to WTKR News this morning, saying the humanitarian disaster is just “seasonal migration across South America to our southern border” adding that “this happens every year.”

Fact check: it’s not. The crisis is the worst in 20 years and was created solely by Biden’s misguided immigration policies. It’s time Luria admitted it.

“The Border Crisis is getting worse by the day because Members of Congress like Elaine Luria continue to bury their heads in the sand,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “The only way out of this crisis is for Luria and others to step up, admit that their disastrous policies have created this disaster and reverse course.”