9 May 2023

New poll confirms White House still clueless in debt ceiling battle

Despite facing criticism on multiple fronts, President Biden still refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling.

According to a new poll by America’s New Majority Project60.7% of voters agree that Biden and the Senate should negotiate a compromise with Speaker McCarthy to avoid an economic catastrophe, while only 26.8% disagree. 

Their poll also found that most Americans actually want government to cut spending by a 62.0% to 27.5% margin.

This comes after AAN released our battleground poll results that found there is overwhelming support from voters for the proposed savings by Speaker McCarthy, and voters oppose increasing the debt ceiling without cutting government spending by a 50% to 37% margin.

Surely the White House can’t be this clueless…

“The White House is propelling America toward economic disaster, and they’re not doing a single thing to stop it,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If the American people can’t get the President to the negotiating table, who can?” 

ICYMI: Yesterday, American Action Network (AAN) launched a new issue advocacy campaign, showing how President Biden is driving America to default and calling on him to change course now.