15 September 2021

NOTE FROM NORM: Defund The Police Declaw The Law

Minnesota Democrat and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi has declared that his office will no longer prosecute criminals on felony charges if they have been stopped for low-level traffic offenses.

Choi joins a growing legion of Democrats who have decided that prosecuting criminals, much less arresting them, is a violation of their civil rights.  Claiming that so-called “pre-textual” traffic stops are biased, racist, and discriminatory, Choi has made it clear his main priority is protecting the rights of felons and not their victims.

There’s no other way to say it and its time that the press and Choi’s fellow Democrats stop trying to delude the public that they have any interest in telling the public the truth about these outrageous policies. News of Choi’s decision to give felons a free pass resonated quickly among those who understand that the violence eating away at society today isn’t going to get better by turning the other cheek when it comes to crime.

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press reported this response from a member of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association:

“Basically, the county attorney just announced his office won’t uphold the law and won’t prosecute those (who) break it,” Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Executive Director Brian Peters said in a statement. “That’s absurd, and is a slap in the face to victims of crime. Ramsey County residents be warned: those that break the law won’t even get a slap on the wrist — they’ll get a high-five from the county attorney and be left to commit more, and more serious offenses.”

Ramsey County, the state’s 2nd largest county, is already beset by the noxious fumes of liberal politicos doing their best to wave the white flag at crime and criminals.  The Ramsey County Board of Directors spend an increasing amount of time getting in the way of Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher’s efforts to bring safety and security to residents across the county that he even had to sue them because of their deep cuts to his budget.

A livestreamed program he has been doing for over a year, which has received millions of views and viewers, has become the bane of existence of liberal politicians who want it off the air so their constituents can’t see the impact of their failure to uphold their first priority to protect them, the families and community.

In Minneapolis the City Council has wasted millions of taxpayer’s money on providing themselves personal security, legal fees to and staff time to come up with an ordinance to defund the police department, all the while more people, including children, are being murdered in the streets of the City.

Democrats have a problem.  They own these policies.  Just like they own the policies of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the national level – Tim Walz at the state level – and now John Choi and Minneapolis Democrats at the local level.


The nation’s media, like Minnesota’s media, refuses to call Democrats out for these policies or to push them to disown them – or to own them.  They are more obsessed with the “Tax the Rich” dress of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or advocating the intrusive and coercive COVID-19 policies of the President and his allies in locking down America.  The press obsesses about Donald Trump and whether he will or won’t run for President while Democrats are being given a free pass on this fundamental question:  Will you or won’t you stop crime in our communities?

Americans living in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia and elsewhere that crime is out-of-control crime are living in the middle of the answer:  No.

Left-wing politicians like John Choi are applauded for his “progressive” vision – or St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter for his “new” approach to public safety – all of which amount to the same result:  Higher crime, more murders and criminals who are increasingly emboldened to break the law because the law won’t break them.

Enforcing the law and prosecuting criminals is not racism.  Protecting citizens, regardless of where they live – their income – their race – or anything else – is the number one priority of government.

Liberal allies who stood with Choi and supported his announcement are deluding themselves into believing that crime will just go away because law enforcement won’t use the tools at their disposal to protect citizens.

Those living in safe, wealthy, mostly white neighborhoods while advocating for reducing public safety for those living in violent, poor, and mostly non-white neighborhood are as misguided as the policies themselves.

The greatest threat to America and Americans today isn’t Americans exercising their 1st Amendment rights to speak up and speak out.

It’s elected officials like John Choi refusing to do the job they were elected to do: Protect the public.

It’s Democrats who, by refusing the publicly decry the policies of John Choi, Melvin Carter, and other Democrats across the country, who enable them to further endanger the lives of the innocent people of their communities.

Absent these public denunciations Americans are now seeing clearly that Democrat’s motto when it comes to public safety is simple.

Defund the Police.

Declaw the Law.