31 August 2020

NOTE FROM NORM: Final Red Line on Public Safety

“MPD did not kill him, but people assuming they did is rooted in a steep distrust,” Minneapolis City Council Member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Wednesday night. “Seeing windows broken and items stolen can be beyond frustrating, especially when all that rage was sparked (this time) by misinformation. But so often our policing institutions have themselves been the source of misinformation. We forfeited our goodwill and this is the ugly cost.”

This is not the quote of a singular Minnesota Democrat.

This is the quote of Democrats across America who have determined that the reason behind criminal activity and violence is because somebody other than those who committed it are responsible for it.

Ellison speaks for far too many Democrats in America, and the radical left, who want Americans to accept the idea that mass violence, looting, destruction, mayhem and contempt for law and order is the responsibility of society.

It’s not.

It’s never been.

But, a growing consensus among America’s leftists is that the actions of individuals against society, institutions and individuals are justified for any reason.

When fake news began to circulate in Minneapolis that police officers had shot a black man those committed to furthering the insane violence after the murder of George Floyd used it as a justification to riot again.

Even after the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department debunked the lie those who used it as the pretense for breaking into stores and stealing and robbing and destroying continued to do so with glee.

And then “activists” and Democrats like Ellison and others did and said what they did and said after the May riots that left Minneapolis and St. Paul citizens dispirited and defeated:  It was the fault of society and that riots were the voice of the voiceless.

Ronald Reagan once said that  “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

I am like millions of Americans who have watched in horror as elected Democrat officials in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Portland, Chicago and elsewhere have stood idly by while their cities are destroyed.

They allowed looting and ransacking and criminal activity to go unabated and instead turned their anger – not at the criminals – but at those who have been put in harm’s way to prevent and stop it.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, and the Governor of Minnesota, both Democrats, presumably learned a lesson after their initial failures in May cost the city, the state and nation dearly in violence and mayhem.

This time they didn’t hesitate nor point fingers at one another.  They mobilized and pushed down a mob that had gathered for the sole sake of committing acts of violence.

Minnesota National Guard, and law enforcement, were massed immediately, and allowed to put forward the initiative, professionalism and training they were taught and stopped violence from spreading.

And while those brave men and women are being put into the breach to save the City there are more and more radical leftist Democrats refusing to condemn the violence but pouring more gas on the fire by blaming everyone but themselves for the violence.

The President has made it clear that America’s public safety is his Number One priority.

Yet Democrats have increasingly convinced themselves that public safety is politically incorrect.

The destruction of America’s urban centers under the rudderless leadership of Democrats continues unabated.

The consequences of the fecklessness of the Mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, as well as the Governor of Wisconsin are mind numbing.

Defunding the police.  Blaming the police. Allowing mobs to control their streets and their cities.

It’s a pattern for more and more of the radical left in America and one that should trouble all Americans regardless of political affiliation.

Where does it end?

When politicians like Ellison and others give criminals a pass who will be there to protect the citizens from the criminals?

America’s red line of public safety has been drawn.

On one side is a President who has made it clear that criminals who choose to cross that line will be held accountable.

On the other are the leftists of America who refuse to admonish criminals who choose to cross that line, but rather seek to emasculate law enforcement by defunding the police and refuse to clamp down on the violence, looting and mayhem.

Elections have consequences.

America will soon choose which side of the line they are on in November.