23 June 2022

Note from Norm: The Politics of Democrats Petulance

Democracy in America, according to Democrats and the liberal media that carries much of their ideological water, is in peril.

It’s in peril because Donald Trump may or may not run for President.  It’s in peril because the U.S. Supreme Court may rule Roe v. Wade as unconstitutional.  It’s in peril because Congress won’t ban handguns.  It’s in peril because the Supreme Court overruled a Maine law that denied religious schools access to state tuition assistance available to students attending secular private institutions.

Or, to make it simpler, Democracy in America is in peril because Democrats are looking to take a beating at the polls in November and Republicans stand to be the beneficiaries of their electoral pain.

If one were to be completely honest, Democracy in America is indeed in peril.  But not for the reasons Democrats and their media allies want you to believe.

American Democracy is in peril because of the petulance of American Democrats.

The petulance of Democrats is manifested every day in this country at virtually every level of government.

If Democrats don’t get what they want from the U.S. Supreme Court the conclusion must obviously be that the highest court has lost its credibility.  If Congress doesn’t undermine the 2nd Amendment, or prosecute a former President, cancel student loans, or ban oil, coal, and nuclear power then the legislative branch of American government is broken.

Like children who don’t get their way, Democrats have become more adept at ideological temper tantrums than they have been at coming up with legitimate public policy positions that the American public embraces and will improve the lives of all Americans.

Of course, their catch-all evidence of the demise of American Democracy can be summed up in two words:  Donald Trump.

As the nation’s economy collapses around hard-working Americans, Democrats continue to be obsessed with a man who hasn’t been in office for two years.  Much like Barack Obama continued to blame his predecessor, George W. Busch, for most of his first four years of office for every mistake and blunder he made, Democrats want to blame Donald Trump for all of the problems the country is facing today.

Like the spoiled child who blames everybody else for their behavior, Democrats can’t seem to do much more than that despite the fact that they control all the governing branches of the federal government.

Inflation.  Rising crime rates.  Massive increases in consumer goods and gasoline.  An economy that is starting to squeeze the poor and middle class.

These realities are the byproduct of a Democratic Agenda that is weakening America.

But, Democrats don’t want you to bother paying attention to this reality.  What they want you to know is that if you support Trump or any Republican you are supporting the end of Democracy in America.

Democrats have had total control of Congress, and the White House, for two years now.

Two years in which they repeatedly passed legislation to spend more money, increase the cost of government to American taxpayers, blocked more energy exploration, and failed address the crisis on America’s southern border.

Just who is responsible for these policies?  Donald Trump?  Republicans?

The obvious answer is No, but in answering that question be incredibly careful!  Because if you are on the side of conservatives, Republicans, the former President, or any other leading Republican figure in America today, you are directly responsible for the demise of American Democracy.

Political debate in American History has always been robust, passionate and at times reckless and hurtful.  But to suggest that having strong opinions, or differing views of the challenges and opportunities facing America, is somehow a threat to the future of American Democracy is actually the much greater threat to American Democracy.

Like many conservatives I am tired of the familiar refrains from petulant liberals and the media that coddles their behavior that Republicans are the party of destroying Democracy in America.

The greater threat to American Democracy are the policies that Democrats have continued to push for, advocate and attempt to get passed at virtually every level of government in the United States.

Policies that have weakened our public schools, deliberately undermined parental input into public education and deprived families of picking a school that is the best choice for their children.

Their policies have undermined public safety, diminished the rule of law and all but cast aside any accountability for criminals who prey on our communities. Their policies have pulled America apart; deepening the divide between urban and rural; between gay and straight; between black and white, rich and poor-and of course , between Republican and Democrat.


That Americans are increasingly rejecting the worldview of Democrats — as well as rejecting the nation’s liberal media as unreliable, inaccurate, and biased – is no surprise.

When Joe Biden was elected President he assured Americans that he was going to make his Administration one in which efforts to find bipartisan cooperation and progress would be its hallmark.  Whether he simply lacked the leadership ability to live up to that promise, or he never honestly believed it, there’s nothing related to domestic policy and politics that provides any evidence that the promise made was a promise kept.

Instead, the President, along with the Democratic Party he leads, has given up on having a credible policy agenda for America’s future.

In its place is the Politics of Petulance and the hope that if they hold their breath long enough the American people will throw up their hands and give them another chance to govern.