30 July 2021

NOTE FROM NORM: Trying to Shut America Down Again

Let me start by saying I have received a vaccination against COVID-19.

The historical development, creation, and distribution of a vaccine against a global pandemic initiated by the Trump Administration’s “Warp Speed” project has likely saved billions of lives across the planet.

It may well be a vaccine that has saved my life and the lives of family, friends, and co-workers as the world continues to push back against a global pandemic that has killed far too many people everywhere on the planet.

If you asked me would I tell you to get the vaccine?  Absolutely.

In the same way, I would tell you that before vaccines were readily available, it was prudent to wear masks inside during the height of the global pandemic.

But we’ve reached an inflection point, and, perhaps, we’ve already gone well beyond it when it comes to commonsense in this country, particularly among the media elite and liberal politicians.

And, we need to start pushing back against the narrative that the American economy and the American people need to prepare themselves for another winter siege against COVID-19.

Whether it’s Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, or Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Center for Disease Control, we have learned that there is a clear difference between “trusting the science” and “trusting the scientist.”

I trust the science of vaccines that have been developed to combat COVID-19.

I am not so willing to trust the scientists whose personal, political, and ideological agendas have obfuscated much of our nation’s response to the global pandemic.

A fascinating article in Slate magazine underscores just how willing Fauci has been willing to advance “noble lies” as he participated in the nation’s response to COVID-19 https://slate.com/technology/2021/07/noble-lies-covid-fauci-cdc-masks.html

Fauci, who was adamantly opposed to masks before he became obsessively committed to them, may be the media darling because of his charisma, charm, and telegenic personality. Still, his record when it comes to COVID-19 is, at best, confusing and at worst the most remarkable case of “CYA” that we’ve seen in modern times.

He is the same man who criticized President Trump for his early implementation of a travel ban against travelers from China. He then praised the Communist nation despite the fact that it was and continues to withhold information from the international community about the genesis spread of COVID-19.

Fauci is not a stupid man, nor is he without his well-deserved praise for his expertise, knowledge, and experience.

But he is not infallible, nor is he immune from the influence of the fawning American press who made him a media wunderkind.

Now we have CDC Director Walensky stepping up to the plate to make America’s uneven response to COVID-19 even more daunting, impractical and unnerving.

Despite clear evidence of the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, Walensky, with the support of the Biden Administration, is now calling up vast swaths of America to “mask up” again – including vaccinated Americans – when they are indoors.

Pointing to “Hot Spots,” in which the Delta variant of COVID-19 is infecting significant amounts of Americans, the CDC calls upon Americans to put their masks back on even if they have been vaccinated.

And, the left-leaning politicians across the country aren’t wasting any time to follow the CDC’s call to make their citizens return to mask-wearing whether they are vaccinated or not.

Why?  Why are we calling upon Americans who have been fully vaccinated to return to wearing masks again?

The science does not support it.  Not one single bit.

Yet our governmental leaders, at every level, have seen fit to continue to claim on one hand that they are “following on the science” and, on the other hand doing anything but the sort.

Here’s what the science is telling us:

  • If you get the vaccine, your odds of getting COVID-19, regardless of the variant, is far lower – exponentially lower – than if you don’t have the vaccine.


  • If you happen to be infected with COVID-19 after being vaccinated, and the number and percentage of vaccinated people getting infected is infinitesimally small, your symptoms are much less severe

Here’s not what the science is telling us:

  • Requiring vaccinated Americans to mask up indoors will make vaccinated Americans safer


  • Requiring Americans, vaccinated or not, to wear masks outdoors will not make them safer


  • Requiring Americans to wear two masks, three masks, or an entire bodysuit will not make them safer.


It’s time to return commonsense and logic to discussing how we protect the American public from a global pandemic. It’s time to ignore the talking heads on cable television, regardless of their ideology, political party, or title, and start paying attention to the facts.

We are on the verge of American politicians, the one-party media, and the “experts” they enable shutting down our nation’s schools, public events, and economy once again.  They are doing it with phony virtue signals for indoor mask-wearing, closing borders, and restricting travel despite the evidence that shows we are winning the war against COVID-19 with one of the most powerful scientific weapons ever created, thanks to “Operation Warp Speed.”

The American people were told, time and time again, that once a vaccine was developed, they could go back to living their lives again.  And that’s what vaccinated Americans have been doing—getting back to living their lives.

Americans who aren’t willing to, or are unable to, get vaccinated will not find arguments to quarantine vaccinated Americans a compelling reason to get vaccinated.

And quarantining vaccinated Americans will not empower them to force unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated.

Opinions aren’t facts.

Scientists aren’t infallible.

Politics isn’t science.