Defense12 September 2015

Notes from Norm: Vote on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Hiding behind a filibuster to stop a vote against President Obama’s dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran has revealed just how bad this agreement is for America.

With all but four Senate Democrats standing with President Obama’s ill-advised nuclear agreement, the President can be assured that there will be no veto of this threat to the safety and security of America and her allies.

In fact, if 48 Democrats have their way, the voices of nearly 60% of the American people opposed to this agreement will be silenced.

Yes, thanks to the rules of the Senate there will be a debate.

No, thanks to the efforts of Harry Reid and President Obama, there will not be a vote on the most crucial nuclear agreement in our lifetime.

Which begs the question:  Why?

According to the President and 42 Democrats in the Senate this agreement is so crucial to our nation’s safety and security — so ironclad in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb – and there is no better option to stopping a terrorist state from becoming a Terrorist Superpower.

If it is all these things the President and 42 Senate Democrats say it is, why not have a vote?

The fact is, even if there is a vote of disapproval of the agreement that passes – and it would – the President will veto it.

Once vetoed, it would be brought back to the Senate where 54 Republicans and 4 Democrats would seek to override the veto.

But, because of Senate Rules the same 42 Democrats supporting this agreement would have the votes to stop an override of the President’s veto.

The agreement would be allowed to go forward to do all of the wonderful things the President and 42 Senate Democrats assure us it will do.

If this agreement is that important, that vital and that powerful in protecting America and its future from the most radicalized regime in the world, why not allow Republicans to face the wrath of voters by rejecting it?

Just the pure politics alone would seem to argue for Harry Reid and Barack Obama to gleefully watch Republicans voting lock, stock and barrel against this agreement.

Once rejecting it, the President and 42 Democrats could gather around the President in the Oval Office as he triumphantly vetoes the disapproval legislation and send it back to the Senate amidst the glowing praise and applause of Senate Democrats.

The President and 42 Senate Democrats can then bask in their belief that they have scored a major political victory by upholding the veto and leaving Republicans with egg on their face as the Iran nuclear agreement becomes implemented.

Tragically, with or without a vote, the President and 42 Senate Democrats have won a political victory- and a deal with Iran-achieved at great cost to our safety and our allies’ safety in the Mideast.

A deal that paves the way for Iran to have a nuclear bomb in ten years or less.

A deal that deprives the United States and the international community from having any opportunity for “anytime, anyplace” inspections of Iran’s nuclear program.

A deal that allows Iran to rebuild their conventional war machine with a more than $100 billion infusion of capital once economic sanctions are removed by the President.

Imagine $100 billion in the hands of the terrorist state of Iran- whose Supreme Leader, just a few days ago, again called for the extermination of Israel within the next 25 years, while leading chants of “Death to America.”

All this and more is waiting for Iran because President Obama and 42 Senate Democrats have failed to listen to the words or honor the history of Iran’s repeated actions to destabilize democracy throughout the world.

I have great respect for Senate Democrats who took great pains to review this agreement and reach their conclusion in support of its implementation.

While I do not agree with their positions, nor the logic of their argument that lead to their decision to support the agreement, I can understand their reluctance to stand against the President.

But, standing for the President by standing against America’s right to have a vote on this agreement on the floor of the United States Senate is beyond the pale.

This is an issue that has national security implications for the United States far beyond the political, and mortal, lives of the members of the United States Senate.

Senate Democrats who dug deep into their conscience to reach a decision to support an agreement they believe is deeply flawed should not dishonor that difficult and principled decision by depriving the American people and their representatives in the United States Senate a vote for or against this agreement.

Have the debate.  Allow a vote.  Let the President have his veto.

If the President and 42 Democrats are right, then Republicans will suffer the consequences of their opposition to this agreement at the ballot box.

But, if the President and 42 Democrats are wrong, then America and its allies will suffer the consequences of their support for this agreement for generations to come.