Corry Bliss

Corry Bliss serves as Executive Director of the American Action Network and the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Prior to joining AAN in January 2017, Bliss managed some of the most competitive federal and state campaigns in the country. He was recently named as “one of his party’s most closely watched young strategists” by the New York Times. TIME Magazine named him “National Republicans’ favorite political fixer.”

During the 2016 cycle, Bliss ran Senator Rob Portman’s winning re-election campaign, turning a 9-point polling deficit into a 21-point win in November. The Portman campaign was named the campaign of the year by the Washington Post. Bliss also managed Senator Pat Roberts’ come-from-behind win in 2014 and Linda McMahon’s 2012 Senate campaign that ran 7 points ahead of the top of the ticket.

Bliss is a graduate of Boston University and the CUNY School of Law.

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