22 March 2021

Phillips says what Axne is too afraid to

Pelosi’s plan to overturn the election in IA-02 isn’t sitting well with voters, and as of this morning, it’s starting to turn sour with members of her own party too.

Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips just blasted Pelosi’s plan to unseat Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, saying that doing so would be “even more painful for America.”

In other words: A Democrat from Minnesota found the courage to admit this is wrong, but Cindy Axne is refusing because she’d never cross Speaker Pelosi to do what’s best for Iowans.

“It’s a shame that a Democrat from Minnesota can admit this is wrong, but Iowa’s lone Democrat Cindy Axne is so beholden to Pelosi that Iowans can’t trust her to speak out against plans to overturn voters right in her own backyard,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Mariannette Miller-Meeks won the election fair and square and it’s time for Axne to admit it.”