6 February 2018

AAN Continues To Push Benefits Of Pro-Growth Tax Reform In New Digital Ad Campaign

New digital ad campaign highlights popular tax provisions, 36 congressional districts targeted

WASHINGTON – American Action Network (@AAN) is launching digital ads in 36 congressional districts showcasing the benefits of pro-growth tax reform. These new ads are part of AAN’s $2.5 million digital ad campaign to promote the merits of tax reform following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The district-specific ads highlight the tax cut a typical family of four will receive along with highlighting several popular tax provisions, and directing viewers to visit YourTaxCut.com, an AAN site listing average tax cuts by congressional district. View the districts targeted here.

“All across the country, working families are seeing real results, from paycheck bonuses to an average tax cut of $2,000 thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “AAN will continue to promote the benefits of pro-growth tax reform for the middle class because families deserve to know how these cuts will provide them with much-needed peace of mind.”

Watch the ad here.

Since August 2017, AAN has spent over $29 million promoting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and highlighting how the new savings benefit working, middle-class families.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director