7 March 2021

AAN Doubles Down On Ad Buy To Stop Pelosi’s Liberal Stimulus

As the COVID bill returns to the House, American Action Network is doubling down on its issue advocacy campaign against Nancy Pelosi’s liberal stimulus, increasing its investment to beyond six figures while adding 2 new digital video ads and search ads across 11 House districts.

AAN’s new digital video ads urge Congressmen Jared Golden (ME-02) and Ron Kind (WI-03) to hit the brakes on Pelosi’s freight train of frivolous spending and bailouts for their liberal cronies’ agenda. AAN also added new digital search advertising in 11 districts and phone calls in 52 districts. The new ads are in addition to AAN’s initial effort on the bill launched late last month (details here).

Recent polling from American Action Network showed 2/3 of voters in a suburban swing district preferred a more targeted relief bill focused on only the highest priorities like vaccine distribution to a bill that “goes big” on political priorities.

Pelosi’s bill is too costly, too liberal, too corrupt, and Members need to hit the brakes before it derails the country,” said Dan Conston, President of American Action Network. “Lives and livelihoods are on the line, but liberals in Congress are more concerned with funding progressive priorities, pet projects and pork spending than funding the essentials we need to get out of this crisis. The American people deserve better.”

A full list of districts included in AAN’s latest efforts can be found here.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director