Trade4 June 2015

AAN Launches $900k Campaign Supporting Trade Promotion Authority

Includes national conservative TV buy on Fox News; mail and digital reaching 65 districts (60 Republicans, 5 Democrats)

WASHINGTON – Ahead of congressional action on trade, the American Action Network is launching a $900,000 campaign supporting Trade Promotion Authority nationally and in key districts across America. The nearly $1 million effort includes a TV ad, “Stack the Deck,” which will air nationally on Fox News over the next week, as well as mail in 25 districts, digital advertising in 65 districts, and a radio ad running in four states.

The ads make the conservative case for Congress passing Trade Promotion Authority.

“The conservative choice on trade is to be for TPA,” said AAN President Mike Shields. “If we don’t pass a bill that allows America more access to trade, then China will have a bigger share of the market and keep rigging international trade. It’s a question of who you want to lead: the U.S. or China. We’re at a critical juncture here and passing TPA will have a huge economic impact and hold Obama accountable by putting Congress in the trade fight.”

See the list of 65 districts included here.

TV: $375,000 national Fox News ad buy – running from 6/5 to 6/11

Mail: $250,000 in mail going to conservative households in 25 Republican-held congressional districts. See an example of the mail here.

Digital: $200,000 of digital advertising reaching conservatives in 65 congressional districts (60 Republicans & 5 Democrats)

Radio: $75,000 for a radio ad running in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Listen to the ad here.



Courtney Parella

Communications Director


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