19 June 2024

AAN Launches Issue Advocacy Campaign Supporting Efforts to Reduce The Cost of Living

The $12 million ad campaign will begin in 19 congressional districts

American Action Network (AAN) launched a new issue advocacy campaign in support of commonsense solutions to lower costs by cutting the red tape, putting a stop to the regulatory assault from the administrative state, and reducing costs brought forth by endless inflation as a result of the left’s reckless tax-and-spend policies like the inflation-raising Inflation Reduction Act. The U.S. House has passed critical legislation this Congress to lower the cost of living on energy, healthcare, and daily household items.

The $12 million ad campaign will run throughout the summer on television and digital platforms and advocates for additional reasonable legislative efforts to bring down household energy, grocery and healthcare costs and make life more affordable for all Americans.

“The liberal experiment of more regulations and more government spending has failed working Americans across the country. It’s obvious to anyone that has bills to pay that something must change,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Congress is already taking strides to reduce costs from the left’s endless inflation, but we must further reduce the impact of the regulatory assault from the administrative state and provide some much-needed relief to American families.”

The ads will run throughout the summer in the following districts:
•    AZ-01 – David Schweikert
•    AZ-06 – Juan Ciscomani
•    CA-13 – John Duarte
•    CA-22 – David Valadao
•    CA-27 – Mike Garcia
•    CA-41 – Ken Calvert
•    IA-03 – Zach Nunn
•    MI-10 – John James
•    NE-02 – Don Bacon
•    NJ-07 – Tom Kean, Jr.
•    NY-01 – Nick LaLota
•    NY-04 – Anthony D’Esposito
•    NY-17 – Mike Lawler
•    NY-19 – Marc Molinaro
•    NY-22 – Brandon Williams
•    OR-05 – Lori Chavez DeRemer
•    VA-02 – Jen Kiggans
•    WI-01 – Brian Steil
•    WI-03 – Derrick Van Orden

Background: The 118th Congress has passed key legislation to lower costs across the spectrum, starting with their flagship legislation H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, which cuts the red tape to increase American energy production and reduce energy costs. Congress has also worked to reduce healthcare costs and daily household costs. AAN advocates for commonsense measures that would get government out of the way and provide necessary relief to American families. This includes commonsense measures like H.R. 4067, the Red Tape Reduction Act.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director