25 October 2016

AAN Launches “Two For One” Ad Against Liberal Lon Johnson

Ad Begins AAN’s $650,000 Independent Expenditure Campaign in MI-01

WASHINGTON – – The American Action Network (@AAN) today released the ad “Two For One” against liberal Lon Johnson in Michigan’s 1st congressional district race. The ad spotlights how Lon Johnson and Hillary Clinton are one and the same on self-serving political games and Obamacare.

“Nothing says ‘untrustworthy political insider’ quite like Hillary Clinton and Lon Johnson. Their self-serving political games are bad enough, but their policies like Obamacare are even worse,” said Ruth Guerra, AAN spokeswoman. “Michigan voters beware: a vote for Lon Johnson is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”

The ad will air on broadcast and cable TV and online in the Traverse City and Marquette media markets beginning Tuesday, October 25 as part of AAN’s $650,000 independent expenditure campaign in MI-01. American Action Network (501c4) and its sister super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, have announced general election spending of over $40 million in 32 districts nationwide.

View the TV spot here


ANNCR: A few questions.

Which candidate has previously been called a carpetbagger when running for political office?

Hillary Clinton or Lon Johnson?

Answer: Both.

Which candidate has taken a fortune from special interests and Washington insiders?

Hillary Clinton or Lon Johnson?

Answer: Both.

Which candidate wants to keep Obamacare?

Hillary Clinton or Lon Johnson?

Answer: Both. Clinton and Johnson. Two for one.

American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director