30 April 2019

AAN President Dan Conston Slams House Liberals Over Single-Payer Hearing

As the House Rules Committee convenes today for the first-ever hearing on their legislation to kick more than 180 million Americans off their private health insurance, American Action Network President Dan Conston released the following statement:

“With today’s hearing, the left is making it clear the liberal vision for health care is a world where you can’t pick your doctor, where Americans are forced to wait for vital treatments, and a world that runs like a creaky government bureaucracy rather than the innovative and streamlined system the American people deserve,” said American Action Network President Dan Conston. “This plan would put government in charge of every medical decision, including whether or not you even receive care, and it should be absolutely terrifying to all Americans. Instead of rejecting this dangerous proposal, liberals in Congress have chosen to push a government takeover of our health care with a primetime Congressional hearing. The American people should take notice.”

The American Action Network will be reminding members of the Rules Committee how many individuals in their home state will lose private health insurance under their proposal. An example of the graphics we will be sharing on social media is below.

For state-by-state numbers on how many Americans would lose private health insurance under single payer, click here.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director