Jobs & Economy23 June 2022

AAN Releases New Ad In CA-49 Urging Mike Levin To Stop Inflation-Causing Wasteful Spending

American Action Network released our new ad in CA-49 this morning as part of our summer issue advocacy campaign calling on Congress to address record gas and grocery costs. The new ad spotlights billions spent on wasteful bailouts for luxury spas and new golf courses that caused record inflation and calls on Congressman Levin to stop further wasteful spending in attempts to revive the “Build Back Better” plan.


The ad is backed by $400,000 on broadcast TV and digital and is part of AAN’s $4 million+ summer advocacy issue advocacy campaign in a dozen districts. The ad comes as a continuation of AAN’s efforts to stop Biden’s tax and spending plans. Last year, AAN spent over $20 million to stop “Build Back Better.” (Read more on those efforts hereherehereherehere and here.)

“Mike Levin blew trillions on wasteful pet projects, now the economy is on the brink and Californians are facing record prices for everything from gas to groceries,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Congress needs to change course and oppose more of the disastrous spending policies that created the economic disaster families are facing.”

Calvin Moore

Communications Director