14 October 2016

American Action Network To Spend $400,000 Against Liberal Christina Hartman

Independent Expenditure Includes TV Advertising in PA-16

WASHINGTON – Today, the American Action Network (@AAN), announced plans to spend $400,000 in Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District race between conservative leader Lloyd Smucker and liberal Christina Hartman. The independent expenditure will include TV advertising in the Harrisburg-Lancaster media market.

“Liberals like Christina Hartman will have no place to hide from their embrace of the failed Obama-Clinton agenda,” said Ruth Guerra, AAN spokeswoman. “Voters need to look no further than the dangerous Iran deal or the unraveling Obamacare law to know that liberal policies make us less safe and less prosperous.”

This spending announcement kicks off AAN’s TV advertising for the 2016 general election cycle with $3.5 million across seven congressional districts nationwide. AAN and its sister organization, Congressional Leadership Fund, are currently spending a combined $33 million in 29 House district across the country.  AAN and CLF remain the single largest outside conservative spenders on the U.S. House.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director