Taxes & Regulations29 June 2021

Biden ✈️ in to get Kind’s vote for tax increases

Ron Kind is in deep trouble over Pelosi’s phony “infrastructure” bill. Case in point? After Kind faced weeks of heavy advertising from the American Action Network, President Biden is jet setting to Wisconsin today to bail out the deal and lock in Kind’s vote – even as Pelosi pledged she won’t pass it without massive tax increases that will crush Wisconsin families and small businesses.

Will Ron Kind now cave to his liberal party leaders, or will he do the right thing and urge Pelosi to drop her tax increases before it’s too late?

“Biden and Pelosi are pulling out all the stops for Ron Kind to get his vote for their trojan horse plan to push enormous new tax hikes on Wisconsin families and small businesses,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Instead of caving to his liberal party bosses, Ron Kind should start fighting for the Wisconsin families and small businesses that’d be crushed under Pelosi’s tax hikes.”

Courtney Parella

Communications Director