23 August 2017

In Case You Missed It: AAN’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative Airs Radio Ads on Tax Reform

American Action Network Is “Doubling Down” On Tax Reform. “American Action Network is doubling down on tax reform. The group is running ads in 34 congressional districts as part of a $1 million radio campaign running through the end of the month. Six of the districts will be up with a Spanish version.” (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippman, “Playbook”, POLITICO, 8/22/17)

AAN “Hopes To Reach Districts Of Key Members Of Congress, Including That Of House Speaker Paul Ryan, In Order To Urge These Lawmakers To Pass Tax-Cutting Legislation.” “The ads aim to ‘highlighting the failures of our current tax code,’ according to the AAN, and will run across the country through the end of August. AAN hopes to reach districts of key members of Congress, including that of House Speaker Paul Ryan, in order to urge these lawmakers to pass tax-cutting legislation. ‘When it comes to tax reform, middle-class tax cuts and eliminating special interest loopholes should be Congress’ number one priority,’ said AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss. Six of the 34 congressional districts will air versions of the ads in English as well as Spanish.” (Blair Guild, “Conservative nonprofit floods airwaves with $1 million in radio ads,” CBS News, 8/22/17)

American Action Network Will Run Radio Ads In 34 Congressional Districts, Supporting Republican Members Of House Leadership, Members Of Key Tax-Related Committees And Vulnerable Incumbents Representing Swing Districts. The radio ads, some of which will air in Spanish, thank members for ‘fighting to cut taxes for working families and make our tax code simpler and fairer.’ The campaign is the latest push to drum up momentum for the Republican effort to cut personal and corporate tax rates, eliminate several deductions and increase the number of Americans paying taxes. ‘When it comes to tax reform, middle-class tax cuts and eliminating special interest loopholes should be Congress’s number one priority,’ said Corry Bliss, AAN’s executive director. ‘We will continue to urge Congress to put American families and job creators first, members who fail to do so will be held accountable.’” (Sylvan Lane, “GOP group launches radio ads to boost tax reform push,” The Hill, 8/22/17)

AAN Is Running Radio Ads Thanking Congressman “Roskam For His Work On Tax Reform, Which He Indeed Favors And Is In Position To Pursue As Chairman Of The Tax Policy Subcommittee Of The House Ways And Means Committee.” “Fortunately for the congressman, a group friendly toward him is running radio ads thanking Roskam for his work on tax reform, which he indeed favors and is in position to pursue as chairman of the tax policy subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. The spot comes from American Action Network, a conservative think tank associated with Republicans. The group says it will spend ‘millions’ running ads like this in 34 congressional districts around the country. The 60-second ad says the country’s ‘outmoded tax code has made the American dream harder to reach….It’s unfair.’ But Roskam, it continues, ‘is fighting to cut taxes’ for struggling middle-class families.” (Greg Hinz, “No August recess for politics in Roskam’s district,” Crain’s, 8/22/17)

AAN’s Radio Ads on Tax Reform Include Districts Of “Florida Reps. Brian Mast and Carlos Curbelo” And “Six of the 24 Districts Will Have A Spanish Version Airing Simultaneously.” “‘Part of $1 million English and Spanish radio ad campaign,’ via press release: ‘Today, American Action Network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative (MCGI) announced a radio ad campaign that will encompass 34 congressional districts nationwide [including Florida Reps. Brian Mast and Carlos Curbelo]. Six of the 34 districts will have a Spanish version airing simultaneously. Over the next two weeks, radio ads will blanket districts across the country highlighting the failures of our current tax code and call on members of Congress to pass reforms that cut taxes and eliminates loopholes to help bring back America’s middle class.’” The ad is here. (Marc Caputo, “Florida Playbook”, POLITICO, 8/22/17)

GOP Group To Launch Radio Ads To Support Tax Code Revamp “American Action Network, a nonprofit group aligned with Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, will push $1 million in radio advertising in support of Republican legislators’ work on tax reform. On Monday, the network’s Middle-Class Growth Initiative announced a mobile billboard promoting the need for tax reform, as well as ads on CNN. Also on Monday, in a poll released by the network, 57 percent of those who took the poll said the tax code needed to be overhauled.” (Joe Crowe, “GOP Group to Launch Radio Ads to Support Tax Code Revamp,” NewsMax, 8/22/17)


Courtney Parella

Communications Director