13 March 2013

Five things you need to know about the Ryan Budget

Yesterday, Paul Ryan released his 2013 budget plan. His opponents on the Left — who don’t believe the United States has a spending problem — were quick to pounce, but we wanted to cut through the noise and tell you about the five most important things you need to know about the Ryan plan.

First and foremost, the Ryan Budget achieves balance over the next ten years. Sure, we can all agree that it would be better to balance sooner, but the damage to our budget caused by President Obama will take a long time to correct. It’s simple: the federal government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in.
The Ryan Budget creates jobs by growing our economy. Analysis from the American Action Forum shows that the Ryan budget would create 5 million jobs. The president’s budget on the other hand sees job growth crater under our growing debt.
The Ryan Budget lowers taxes by closing loopholes and moving us to just two tax rates – 10% and 25%.
The Ryan Budget strengthens Medicare by making much-needed reforms now before the situation gets more desperate.
The Ryan Budget tackles our debt by getting government spending under control.

Paul Ryan needs our help. Liberals across the country are going to spend millions of dollars in ads attacking the Ryan budget with all manner of distortions. How can you help? Share these facts with your friends on Facebook.

You know what’s at stake and you know what we need to do to fix our nation’s debt problem. Join with us in spreading the truth about Paul Ryan’s budget.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director