Health Care10 January 2017

New Poll: Americans Broadly Support House Republicans’ Healthcare Plan

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) today released survey results on Americans’ views on repealing and replacing Obamacare. As Congress begins the process of repealing the law, the survey finds broad support for the House’s plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with solutions found in the House Republican health care plan.

“Obamacare is collapsing and Americans want to replace it with reforms that decrease costs and increase choice,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “Our survey makes it clear: voters embrace the kind of improvements Speaker Ryan and House Republicans are working on with the new administration to deliver, and they’re not buying Obamacare supporters’ ‘Make America Sick Again’ publicity stunt.”

Among the key findings of the survey:

Obamacare supporters’ new anti-repeal slogan “Make America Sick Again” is already on life support: 59% disagree, 31% agree. Among independents, 65% disagree with the slogan

Almost 2/3 of respondents, including 2/3 of independents and 1/3 of Democrats, support replacing Obamacare with a plan featuring the broad principles of a House Republican plan

The most popular messages for a replacement plan: coverage that provides ownership and portability, centers on what is best for the patient, and lowers health coverage costs

When you juxtapose Republican plans versus Obamacare on key elements, voters support the Republican plan (exchanges and minimum coverage vs. across state lines and choosing plan for them, and subsidy vs. tax credit)

View the survey results here.

The GS Strategy Group survey of 1,000 likely voters nationwide was conducted January 3-5, 2017 and the margin of error is +/-3.1%.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director