20 December 2017

What They Are Saying About The Passage Of Historic, Pro-Growth Tax Reform

American Action Network
American Action Network Praises House Passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“Thanks to Speaker Ryan’s unwavering commitment and leadership, House Republicans have delivered on their promise to the American people with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This historic tax legislation will allow hard-working individuals to keep more of their paychecks while helping families by preserving and expanding necessary tax provisions. Meaningful tax reform is about to become a reality, and most importantly, give middle-class families an average tax cut of $2,000. AAN commends House leadership’s tireless work on this legislation, and urges the Senate to quickly support this bill so President Trump can sign it into law before Christmas,” said AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss.

Americans for Prosperity
AFP Commends House for Passing Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“House Republicans deserve tremendous credit for getting this tax package over the finish line, and today’s vote demonstrates what’s possible when they are united in an issue and determined to get results. At AFP, we made tax reform our top federal priority, and we’ve been driving support for a pro-growth plan through dozens of townhall events across 36 states, while our activists made hundreds of thousands of calls and door knocks to support this effort. This plan is a great step in the right direction, and will go a long way towards generating jobs, growth and opportunity that will help Americans improve their lives,” said AFP President Tim Phillips.

Americans for Tax Reform
Norquist Hails House Passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a hugely pro-growth, pro-family bill that cuts taxes for American families and businesses. This bill doubles the standard deduction, reduces income tax rates for all Americans, makes 529 accounts available to every American to save for education at all levels, and removes tax barriers to job creation here in the United States. The House should be congratulated for passing this historic legislation. The Senate should swiftly take up and approve this legislation. This landmark achievement would not have been possible without the work of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady and members of the Committee,” said ATR President Grover Norquist.

America Rising Squared
America Rising Squared Applauds House Passage Of Fundamental Tax Reform
“Today House Republicans achieved what conservatives have fought for decades to accomplish: fundamental tax reform that allows middle-class families to keep more of what they earn while unburdening our free enterprise system to create jobs, elevate the standard of living, and increase opportunity for all Americans through economic growth. It is pathetic that not one House Democrat joined in this effort to lower families’ tax burden and make American business more competitive across the globe. We look forward to the Senate to following suit to make good on President Trump’s promise of broad-based tax reform to the American people,” said AR Squared Executive Director Brian Rogers.

Business Roundtable
America’s Leading Employers Applaud House Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform
“America’s leading employers applaud House passage of tax reform that moves America one step closer to a modern system that will help U.S. businesses compete globally, invest and create jobs here in the United States. We commend Congress and the Administration for their deliberate policy work to produce tax legislation that includes a competitive business tax rate and a territorial tax system, providing a catalyst for economic growth that will benefit all Americans. Business Roundtable urges the Senate to move swiftly to send the bill to the President’s desk.” – Business Roundtable

One Step Closer: House Passes Tax Reform Compromise Bill
“Our activists have been pushing for tax reform that produces a simpler, flatter, fairer tax code all year. Although this is not the ideal tax bill, it does meet the specifications. This bill will unrig the economy and put America’s workers and their families first. Besides eliminating many deductions and capping others, it lowers rates for businesses. On the individual side, it doubles the standard deduction, pushes more income into lower tax brackets with lower rates. It is a win for the American people,” said FreedomWorks Vice President of Legislative Affairs Jason Pye. 

Independent Women’s Forum
House Passes A #GoodDealForWomen
“We applaud the House of Representatives for passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, bringing us another step closer to much-needed tax relief and growth-stimulating reforms. Every American household can expect a tax cut in 2019 with the biggest tax reductions going to middle-class families. American businesses will become more competitive as they reinvest more of their earnings in their work and their people, through higher wages and more job opportunities. Low-income Americans can finally be free from the costly tax penalty from the unpopular individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. We hope the Senate finishes the job so that President Trump can deliver tax reform to American workers, families, and businesses by Christmas – a gift 30 years overdue,” said IWF Senior Policy Analyst Patrice Onwuka.

Middle-Class Growth Initiative
Middle-Class Growth Initiative Statement on House Passage Of Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
“With today’s vote, the House of Representatives delivered on their promise to get comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform to the President’s desk before Christmas. After a productive week of work in conference, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed the House this afternoon is an even stronger piece of legislation than before, returning more money to the pockets of middle-class families. Congress has placed the middle class at the heart of this tax reform push, and workers will begin seeing larger paychecks as soon as this February. We anticipate the Senate following the House’s lead, and look forward to the President signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law before Christmas, creating jobs and raising wages in the New Year,” said MCGI Spokesman Michael Steel.

National Association of Manufacturers
NAM Statement on House Passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“The House has voted in support of the American manufacturing worker. Now it’s up to the Senate to get this critical legislation to President Trump’s desk. We are on the cusp of something historic in America—boosting manufacturers’ competitiveness, giving working families a raise and strengthening our economy. Even if the legislation isn’t perfect, it lays the foundation for a more competitive American economy. And manufacturers will continue to work over the coming years to advance additional reforms. We have also called on the federal government to study the American tax code every three years to see how it stacks up to the rest of the world and how we can further improve it. Over and over in our quarterly survey, manufacturers have spoken clearly: tax reform will mean more investment, more jobs and bigger paychecks. So, manufacturers call on our senators to continue standing with us and with working families and vote ‘yes,’” said National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons.

National Taxpayers Union
NTU Lauds the House Passage of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
“NTU is proud to support a pro-growth tax reform bill that prioritizes jobs and investments here while enhancing our competitiveness abroad. Important changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act mean middle-income taxpayers will keep more of their own money, small business owners will have more financial breathing room to grow, and larger companies will be able to expand their workforces. Now the Senate should give this bill the final push needed to reach the President’s desk. After 31 long years of talking about tax reform, Washington is finally on the verge of acting. Our nation’s taxpayers can, and should, be able to celebrate 2017 as the long-overdue year in which the tax system began working for them rather than the other way around,” said NTU President Pete Sepp.

Rate Coalition
RATE Coalition Statement on the House Passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Report
“Today, the House made this moment a milestone. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act one chamber away from President Trump’s desk, the American people are now closer than they’ve been in decades to the fairer, simpler tax code they deserve. The TCJA’s achievement of a globally competitive corporate tax rate, as recognized by leading analysts and a chorus of leaders from both political parties, is the catalyst capable of spurring an engine of economic growth in America. Fixing our broken tax system – one that includes the highest corporate rate in the industrialized world – will boost job creation, unleash greater investment, and reverse the tide of American businesses fleeing for cheaper shores overseas. Thanks to the tireless leadership of the Trump Administration, Speaker Ryan, and Chairman Brady, the House seized this once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver historic tax reform. We urge the Senate to follow suit.” – RATE Coalition

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Advocate for Entrepreneurs Praises House Passage of “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”
“Our nation and its entrepreneurs are one step closer to realizing significant tax relief and a much more competitive tax system that will encourage – not punish – the growth and success of their firms. H.R. 1 is a powerful package of tax relief measures that will provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the capital they need to invest, compete, and reward their workforce. The pro-investment attributes of H.R. 1 will fuel an improving economy and create sustainable growth, which means more entrepreneurship, innovation, and better paying jobs. Small business owners and entrepreneurs congratulate every House member who worked diligently to support tax reform and who voted for the final conference report.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners are optimistic about 2018 and ready for a tax system that supports their dreams and growth. We look forward to Senate passage of H.R. 1 and the signing of this historic legislation by President Trump as soon as possible,” said SBE Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber President Applauds House Passage of Final Tax Reform Legislation
““We applaud each of the representatives who voted today for pro-growth reform that grows the economy and improves the lives of America’s families, workers, and job creators. Our country is on the cusp of a historic moment, one we haven’t seen in 31 years. Now, we look to the Senate to quickly pass this important legislation and deliver the competitive tax code Americans have been waiting for. As we all know, failure is not an option,” said U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue.

Courtney Parella

Communications Director