28 July 2021

STUDY: Ron Kind’s death tax would crush up to 1 million jobs

new study out today shows the death tax increase being proposed to pay for Pelosi’s $6 trillion socialist spending plan would be a disaster for Wisconsin farmers.

According to the new report, the death tax would cause:

  • 1 million jobs losses *every year*
  • Forced closures of “small and family-owned businesses and farms”
  • Cost the average household $10,000 in lost income

“Nancy Pelosi and Ron Kind want trillions in new spending and are coming after family farmers hardest to pay for it,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Pelosi’s socialist tax and spend plan would destroy family farms and cost up to a million jobs, just as we’re all trying to recover from the pandemic. It’s time for Kind to stand up to Pelosi for once and stop this bill before it goes any further.”