30 March 2023

Caraveo votes against lowering energy costs & fortifying American national security

Yadira Caraveo just voted against House Republicans signature energy bill that will make life more affordable for all Americans and fortify our national security by cutting red tape that’s stopping American energy production.

The commonsense legislation passed the House with bipartisan support, leading to even more questions why Rep. Caraveo would vote against it.

How is she going to explain this vote back home, as families struggle to pay their bills?

“Instead of voting to make life more affordable for Coloradans and fortifying American national security, Yadira Caraveo sided with the left’s extreme agenda that is sending energy prices through the roof and making us dependent on foreign countries for our most critical energy resources,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Good luck to Caraveo explaining this back home.” 

Reminder: AAN launched a major ad campaign urging Congress to pass H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.