Energy24 March 2023

The left is coming for your gas stoves

The left’s war on energy is closing in on its latest target: gas stoves.

POLITICO reports New York state lawmakers are close to enacting the nation’s first legislative ban on gas/fossil fuel appliances.

And they won’t stop at one state“Supporters see the potential law as a national model that they hope can spur similar action by other states and the federal government.”

“Liberals are saying the quiet part out loud. Instead of obvious commonsense solutions that would actually lower costs, the left wants to ban you from having gas stoves and raise your costs in the process,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella, “Could liberals be any more out of touch?”

Reminder: AAN launched its first stage of a major ad campaign to urge Congress to pass H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.