Immigration26 June 2024

The Left’s Border Crisis Puts Americans in Danger

Last night, NBC News reported that more than 400 illegal aliens from Central Asia were trafficked across the border by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network.

Alarmingly, just over 150 of the ISIS-tied illegal immigrants have been arrested, and the whereabouts of over 50 remain unknown.

This shocking report is just one of dangerous consequences of the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

And it comes AFTER Biden’s half-measure executive order, which left out key border security policies like Remain in Mexico, which he previously revoked despite most (61%) Americans agreeing with it.

All of this could have been prevented had the Senate passed and President Biden signed the House’s H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act.

But EVERY liberal in the House voted against it, and it’s still stalled in the Senate.

“Every day that liberals in Congress refuse to pass tougher border security measures is one day closer to a national security crisis,” said AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella.

ICYMI: AAN continues to advocate for sound border policies. See our recent issue advocacy campaign here.