29 June 2016

Check out the new AmericanActionNetwork.org

Recently, we relaunched AmericanActionNetwork.org.  We added lots of new features to our Action Tank.

First, we aim to keep you informed on center-right issues.  We also want to provide you with relevant opportunities to make an impact.  Here’s how:

  • Choose an issue that means something to you. Get up to date on the latest news and relevant viewpoints on the issue by using the Learn section.
  • Make an Impact.
    • Add your name in support of the issue. This will allow us to keep you updated with news you care about.
    • Connect with friends. Share this issue with your friends who care about it.
    • Tell someone. You can make an immediate impact by directly telling Congress or the Obama Administration where you stand.  We’ll ensure your message gets to the correct office.
  • Check us out on social media.  We keep our Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube and Google+ updated with great information that you won’t want to miss.

Learn more about the American Action Network.  Watch a message from our Chairman, Sen. Norm Coleman.

Last, show your support.  Our principles are under attack every day.  We need your help to fight back.  And we will.  Make an immediate donation to help us continue to build a powerful grassroots movement that will keep these principles intact.


Mike Shields
American Action Network