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22 September 2021
AAN Launches $7.5 Million Advocacy Campaign Showcasing Ever-Growing Mountain of Liabilities In Pelosi’s $3.5 Trillion Tax And Spending Plan
This morning, American Action Network launched a new $7.5 million issue advocacy campaign to stop Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax and spending proposal. The new campaign includes broadcast, cable and digital advertising across 24 Congressional Districts and features 6 new advertising messages that spotlight the growing wealth of new and emerging liabilities the bill is bringing […]
Jobs & Economy
17 September 2021
AAN Launches New Ads To Stop Pelosi’s Tax-And-Spending Spree
American Action Network launched a string of new broadcast and digital advertisements this morning to stop Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending spree. The new ads, together backed by more than $1.5 million, will run on broadcast TV and digital over 3 weeks in the districts of Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15), Elaine Luria (VA-02), Abigail Spanberger […]
13 September 2021
VIDEO: Pappas refuses to say if he backs “the largest tax increase in half a century”
Congress is proposing “the largest tax and spending increase in half a century,” and already Congressman Chris Pappas is REFUSING to talk about. After an event, Pappas was approached and asked if he supports the new tax package, but rather than telling constituents where he stands, he had has his staff work desperately to block […]
13 September 2021
“The largest tax and spending increase in half a century”
Small businesses are struggling to get back on their feet. Trillions in reckless spending has set off record inflation. Price increases are eating away rapidly at families’ paychecks. And the left’s answer? “The largest tax and spending increase in half a century.” The numbers are staggering. Per POLITICO today, the changes proposed include $1 trillion in […]
9 September 2021
AAN has Murphy scared
Moments ago, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy announced she will not back Pelosi’s reconciliation bill saying she has “a list of issues” with the proposal. Sadly, Murphy only found the courage to speak up after coming under massive pressure from American Action Network to oppose it. For example: LAST WEEK: AAN went up in Murphy’s district with new ads blasting […]
7 September 2021
New AAN District Polling: Biden Sagging, “Build Back Better” Agenda Toxic In America’s Middle Districts
American Action Network released seven new congressional district polls today from middle-of-the-road districts from coast to coast. The surveys found that President Biden’s approval is now well underwater, that the left’s $3.5 Trillion “Build Back Better” agenda is deeply toxic, and that Americans widely believe the plan will worsen the economic pain families are facing. The surveys were conducted […]
31 August 2021
ICYMI: Bourdeaux takes heat at Coffee with Constituents
As first reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Carolyn Bourdeaux got a bit of a surprise this weekend during her “Coffee with Constituents”, as a mobile billboard paid for American Action Network circled the event reminding Georgians of her vote to advance Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend plan. The billboard, which rolled through the city throughout […]
31 August 2021
AAN Releases New Ads Blasting Murphy, Gottheimer For Caving To Pelosi On $3.5 Trillion Tax-And-Spend Spree
American Action Network today announced an expansion of its $5 million issue advocacy campaign to stop Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend proposal, adding 2 key new districts to its buys. Starting today, constituents in the districts of Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) and Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05) will see new ads and heavy rotations of digital advertising slamming their decision […]
24 August 2021
AAN Slams “Moderates” For Folding To Pelosi On $3.5 Trillion Socialist Spending Plan
American Action Network released the following statement slamming the 10 “moderate” Members of the House of Representatives for folding to Pelosi, betraying their promises to their constituents, and voting to advance Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion socialist wish list. AAN has been up in 39 districts with a $5 million issue advocacy and advertising campaign to stop […]