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24 January 2020
AAN Launches New TV Ad In SC-01 On Impeachment
American Action Network today launched new television and digital ads in South Carolina’s First Congressional District which feature a local mom speaking out in frustration that Rep. Joe Cunningham’s decision to impeach President Trump has sidelined all progress on the issues that matter most, like helping veterans and securing the border. The ad, which goes up today, is backed $175,000 […]
17 January 2020
AAN Launches New TV and Digital Ads in 29 Districts on Impeachment
Today, the American Action Network launched the next wave of its $2.5 million advertising campaign on impeachment. Starting today, AAN will begin airing new television and digital ads in the districts of all 29 Trump-district Members of Congress that voted for impeachment, with television ads running in 11 of the districts. The ads feature moms expressing their frustration with Members of […]
7 January 2020
AAN Launches TV Ads in 28 Districts Urging Members to Keep Fighting For Lower Costs and More Cures Act
American Action Network launched a $4 million advertising campaign this morning urging support for passage of H.R. 19, the bipartisan alternative to Nancy Pelosi’s cruel prescription drug plan. The new television ads, which will run on cable television in the 28 Congressional Districts HERE, urge Members to keep fighting for H.R. 19 and thank lawmakers for taking the […]
6 January 2020
AAN Releases New Polling In 3 Districts On Impeachment
American Action Network released new polling in three districts (NY-22, SC-01, and NM-02) this morning conducted shortly after the vote to impeach President Trump. The polling shows that impeachment has become an extremely memorable issue that has broken through to folks back home unlike almost any issue in recent memory. The full memo is available below […]
18 December 2019
AAN Announces $2.5 Million TV and Digital Impeachment Advertising Campaign
Moments after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump, the American Action Network announced it will launch another $2.5 million in television and digital advertising in the districts of 29 Members of Congress who represent districts won by President Trump and who also voted for impeachment. New television ads will run in 9 districts, with digital and social media advertising running across […]
12 December 2019
AAN Slams Pelosi’s Heartless Drug Plan, Announces $4 Million In Advocacy For Bipartisan Alternative
American Action Network released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3, Nancy Pelosi’s socialist prescription drug pricing bill, and announced that it will spend $4 million in 28 districts urging Members to keep fighting for the bipartisan alternative, H.R. 19, instead. AAN’s new effort will include television, digital, mail and social media advertising, continuing its earlier […]
10 December 2019
AAN Expands Impeachment Ad Blitz With $1.5 Million in New TV Ads
This morning, the American Action Network announced a new expansion of its advertising blitz against impeachment, enlarging its campaign with an additional $1.5 million of new television ads that will run across 10 Congressional Districts. The ads, which will begin running on cable and broadcast today as well as on digital and online media, highlight how […]
5 December 2019
New TV Ad: Nevadans Pay The Price For Congresswoman Susie Lee’s Impeachment Crusade
American Action Network launched a new television ad today highlighting how Congresswoman Susie Lee’s push to impeach President Trump is sidelining all progress on the issues Nevada families care about. The ad, which encourages Susie Lee to vote no on articles of impeachment, will start running today on Las Vegas broadcast and cable television, as […]
2 December 2019
New TV Ads Target Rep. Cindy Axne on Impeachment
The American Action Network today announced that it will be expanding its $7 million television and digital advertising campaign against impeachment into IA-03, launching a new television ad targeting Rep. Cindy Axne for backing the left’s crusade to impeach President Trump. The new ad will begin running today and is backed by $150,000 on television and digital […]