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26 September 2022
National AAN Polling: Commitment To America’s Policy Proposals Are Overwhelmingly Popular
WASHINGTON – American Action Network released the results of its national survey among likely voters in both battleground and conservative Congressional Districts looking at Americans’ views on public policy proposals to address the top issues facing the nation. AAN’s survey found that key components of the “Commitment to America” policy agenda enjoy widespread support and […]
29 August 2022
What They’re Saying: AAN’s “#1 Must Watch” Ad on Biden’s Ivy League Bailout
American Action Network’s national ad campaign on Biden’s student loan bailout made waves in the press this week for exposing his plan for what it is: a bailout for rich kids with college degrees that will be paid for on the backs of working families. Check out the details here, the new ad here and what the press is […]
26 August 2022
AAN Launches National Ad Campaign To Stop Biden’s Ivy League Bailout
WASHINGTON – The American Action Network announced a new national ad campaign showcasing how Biden’s bailout for rich kids with college degrees will be paid for on the backs of working families. The tongue-in-cheek new ad spot features a mechanic, landscaper, and waitress discussing how excited they are to work double shifts and break their backs to pay […]
Taxes & Regulations
12 August 2022
AAN on Passage of Biden’s Massive Middle Class Tax Hike and Wasteful Spending Package
WASHINGTON — American Action Network President Dan Conston released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed Joe Biden’s latest tax and spending package: “Life is getting less affordable by the day and yet Biden, Pelosi and their friends in Congress just passed new tax hikes on Americans at every income level and hired 87,000 IRS […]
27 July 2022
AAN Announces $2 Million Ad Campaign In 5 Districts Urging Congress To Stop Inflationary Spending and Anti-Energy Agenda
WASHINGTON — American Action Network announced an expansion of its summer issue advocacy campaign calling on Congress to reduce the soaring cost of living by expanding domestic energy production and to reject new plans for inflationary government spending. The new campaign is backed by over $2 million and includes TV and digital advertising in 5 House Districts. In the first four districts, […]
Jobs & Economy
7 July 2022
AAN Doubles Down, Adds $4.3 Million in 8 Districts To Summer Issue Advocacy Campaign To Stop Inflation-Causing Spending and Energy Policies
WASHINGTON – American Action Network announced it will double down on its summer issue advocacy campaign and will add $4.3 million of ad time to 8 districts, expanding its issue advocacy efforts to address soaring inflation and record gas prices. The new ads either highlight record price increases and urge Members of Congress to stop the Biden administration’s […]
Jobs & Economy
23 June 2022
AAN Releases New Ad In CA-49 Urging Mike Levin To Stop Inflation-Causing Wasteful Spending
American Action Network released our new ad in CA-49 this morning as part of our summer issue advocacy campaign calling on Congress to address record gas and grocery costs. The new ad spotlights billions spent on wasteful bailouts for luxury spas and new golf courses that caused record inflation and calls on Congressman Levin to […]
Jobs & Economy
16 June 2022
AAN Launches $4 Million+ Summer Advocacy Campaign to Stop Reckless, Inflation-Causing Spending & Energy Policies
WASHINGTON – American Action Network released its summer issue advocacy campaign to address the pressing problems of record gas prices and soaring cost increases on nearly everything families buy. The new issue campaign is initially backed by over $4 million and features TV and digital advertising in 11 Congressional Districts. In select districts, the new […]
Taxes & Regulations
16 February 2022
AAN Launches New Ad Calling Out Hakeem Jeffries’ Sweetheart Tax Deal
WASHINGTON — The American Action Network released a new ad campaign this morning, calling out Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, the widely-expected successor to Nancy Pelosi, for pushing higher taxes on Americans while voting for a sweetheart deal that lets him to pay just $200 in property taxes on his $1.2 million NYC condo. The new ad campaign will educate Jeffries’ […]