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1 March 2021
AAN Releases New Ad Campaign in 51 House Districts on H.R. 1
American Action Network released a new issue advocacy advertising campaign in 51 House Districts today on the corrupt liberal campaign finance bill, H.R. 1. Starting today, AAN will begin running digital ads in 15 of the districts and kick off a phone call campaign in all 51. The new ads call out Members for pushing […]
27 February 2021
AAN Slams 9 House Members On Vote For Pelosi’s Liberal Stimulus
American Action Network President Dan Conston released the following statement criticizing 9 Members of Congress who voted to pass Speaker Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion giveaway to progressives. “Today’s vote is a travesty that shows the left will do anything to advance their political agenda, even if it means hijacking vital COVID relief for a trillion dollar plus handout […]
23 February 2021
AAN Launches Advocacy Campaign To Stop Pelosi’s Liberal Stimulus
American Action Network unveiled a new issue advocacy ad campaign today on Pelosi’s liberal stimulus bill. Starting today, AAN will launch digital ads and phone calls in 11 House districts highlighting how liberals have hijacked COVID relief for trillions in new spending on long-time socialist wish list items, like a bailout for blue states and benefits for illegal immigrants, while refusing to safely […]
16 February 2021
What They Are Saying: AAN’s School Campaign Puts “Congressional Democrats In A Difficult Spot”
The fight over reopening America’s schools is heating up as American Action Network launched new ads in 12 Congressional Districts last week, urging liberal Members of Congress to support swiftly and safely reopening schools. AAN launched billboards in shuttered school districts, digital ads and phone calls to Congressional offices calling out Members for blocking efforts to return […]
11 February 2021
AAN Unveils School Reopening Ad Campaign In 12 House Districts
American Action Network unveiled a new issue advocacy advertising campaign this morning, urging lawmakers to support the safe reopening of America’s schools. The new effort will cross 12 House districts, including billboards, digital ads and phone calls that showcase how liberals have sold out to the unions, who want to keep schools closed, and encourage key […]
10 December 2020
What They Are Saying: Rita Hart Wrong To Circumvent Iowans
Rita Hart’s attempt to circumvent Iowans and allow Nancy Pelosi to overturn the state-certified results of the election in Iowa’s Second District is raising eyebrows all across the country. Pundits, reporters, editorial boards and politicians alike are responding in outrage as Pelosi and her liberal allies attempt to overthrow voters. Here’s what they are saying… […]
14 October 2020
AAN Launches Election Fairness Project
Today, the American Action Network announced the launch of the Election Fairness Project, an initiative to maintain fair and secure elections, and to protect faith in America’s public institutions. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to a number of constantly changing election rules nationwide, AAN’s new project will support legal cases by providing well-argued amicus briefings […]
30 July 2020
AAN Releases 3 New Ads Continuing $4 Million Advocacy Effort To Pass H.R. 19
American Action Network released three new television ads this morning, continuing its $4 million TV, digital, and mail advertising campaign, launched July 16, in support of the Lower Costs, More Cures Act (H.R. 19). The new ads, which will air in IL-13, NE-02 and NY-24, ask Members to continue their work to lower prescription drug […]
16 July 2020
AAN Launches $4 Million Campaign in 16 Districts Urging Passage of H.R. 19
American Action Network today launched a $4 million TV, digital, and mail advertising campaign across 16 Congressional Districts in support of passing H.R. 19, the bipartisan alternative to Nancy Pelosi’s socialist prescription drug plan. The new ads call on members to continue fighting to pass the Lower Costs, More Cures Act, which would reduce drug […]