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27 October 2021
AAN Expands Reconciliation Campaign With 2 New Ads To Stop Pelosi From Monitoring Americans’ Banking Info
New Ads Highlight How Tom Malinowski & Susie Lee Hid Their Finances While Demanding Americans Disclose Theirs WASHINGTON — American Action Network expanded its efforts to stop Nancy Pelosi’s “reconciliation” package with new ads focused on Pelosi’s proposal to allow the IRS to monitor Americans’ private banking information. The new ads show how Congressman Tom Malinowski and Congresswoman Susie Lee are demanding […]
26 October 2021
New AAN Ad: To Protect The Border, Stop Pelosi’s Tax and Spending Plan
Tom O’Halleran And Nancy Pelosi Would Make Our Border Crisis Even Worse WASHINGTON — American Action Network released a new television ad today calling on Tom O’Halleran to protect the border and stop Pelosi’s massive tax and spending “reconciliation” package and its massive giveaways to illegal immigrants. The new ad, backed by a six-figure buy, […]
21 October 2021
AAN Launches New Ad To Stop Pelosi from Snooping In Your Bank Account
WASHINGTON— American Action Network launched a new TV ad this morning honing in on Nancy Pelosi’s plan to allow the IRS to snoop in working Americans’ bank accounts in order to pay for her socialist tax and spending increases. The new ad will run in Chris Pappas’ district (NH-01) on broadcast television and digital, exposing Pelosi’s proposal […]
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20 October 2021
AAN Releases $4.5 Million Ad Campaign To Stop Pelosi’s Tax and Spending Hikes
New Ads Will Cross 16 Districts on TV and Digital & Brings AAN’s Spending to $20 Million WASHINGTON — American Action Network is turning up the heat again on Nancy Pelosi’s tax and spending hikes, launching $4.5 million in new TV and digital advertising this morning to stop the left’s reckless “reconciliation” package. AAN’s latest […]
12 October 2021
New AAN Ad: Pelosi Wins. Middle Class Loses.
AAN’s New Ad Blasts Cronyism In Pelosi Spending Bill And Urges Jared Golden To Keep His Promise To Oppose It American Action Network released its latest ad to stop Nancy Pelosi’s massive tax increase and spending plan this morning. The new ad shows how Pelosi and her allies would get special handouts and leave working Americans with […]
5 October 2021
AAN launches
Adding to our ongoing advertising efforts to stop Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax increase and spending spree, American Action Network launched a new website this morning – – that showcases how Pelosi and her friends will get handouts, and stick middle-class families with the bill. The new site follows polling AAN released last week […]
1 October 2021
So-called moderates let Pelosi walk all over them (for third time)
The so-called moderates laid down and let Nancy Pelosi walk all over them… again. For those keeping track at home they let Pelosi: Pass her budget without a vote on infrastructure Ignore the September 27 vote they agreed to Then blow past the new deadline they set for a vote last night If any of […]
29 September 2021
AAN District Polling: Reconciliation Bill Unpopular, Key Elements Toxic in Middle of the Road Districts
American Action Network released the results of three separate live caller surveys today examining key elements that surfaced in committee markups of Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion tax and spending bill across three districts: IA-03, NJ-07 and VA-02. The surveys found that raising taxes on small businesses, funding a park in Pelosi’s district, giving tax breaks to elite universities, and subsidizing […]
28 September 2021
Golden sells out seniors
New reports from Social Security say the program will go bankrupt a year earlier than expected, no longer be able to pay benefits starting in 2034. But instead of helping seniors make it to retirement, what is Congressman Jared Golden working on? A $3.5 trillion package chock full of wasteful spending to build a $200 million […]