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Taxes & Regulations
2 July 2021
Liberal House Members balk after AAN blankets airwaves
Axios reports House liberals in Trump-won districts are getting cold feet on using reconciliation to push a second infrastructure bill loaded with trillions in progressive priorities and tax increases – but only after facing more than a million dollars in advertising from American Action Network in their districts. For weeks, AAN has blanketed the airwaves […]
Taxes & Regulations
29 June 2021
Biden ✈️ in to get Kind’s vote for tax increases
Ron Kind is in deep trouble over Pelosi’s phony “infrastructure” bill. Case in point? After Kind faced weeks of heavy advertising from the American Action Network, President Biden is jet setting to Wisconsin today to bail out the deal and lock in Kind’s vote – even as Pelosi pledged she won’t pass it without massive tax increases that will […]
23 June 2021
POLL: “Infrastructure” squeezing Axne
New polling from American Action Network is out today and the results should have Cindy Axne VERY worried about voting for Pelosi’s tax hikes and fake “infrastructure bill.” The new numbers show 3:1 voters are opposed to Pelosi’s tax and spending plan, and nearly 60% of voters are opposed to raising the death tax to […]
22 June 2021
Family Farms Under Attack: AAN Unveils New Wave of TV Ads To Stop Pelosi’s Tax Hikes
American Action Network released a new wave of television ads this morning, upping pressure on the Congressional left to stop Nancy Pelosi’s tax hikes. The new TV ads, part of AAN’s initial $1 million campaign against the proposed tax hikes, will air in the districts of Ron Kind (WI-03) and Cindy Axne (IA-03) and spotlight […]
21 June 2021
AAN Launches New TV Ad in ME-02 To Stop Pelosi’s Tax Hikes
American Action Network released the latest in its $1 million campaign to stop Nancy Pelosi’s “infrastructure” tax hikes, unveiling a new television ad in the district of Congressman Jared Golden. The ad, which is backed by a $165,000 buy, continues AAN’s $350,000 investment in the district and features a restaurant owner warning about the consequences […]
9 June 2021
AAN Launches $1 Million TV Ad Campaign In First Foray Of Effort To Stop Pelosi’s Tax Hikes
American Action Network released a new $1 million issue advocacy campaign in the first foray of its efforts to stop Nancy Pelosi’s plan to raise taxes on American families and small businesses. The first stage begins today which features television and digital ads in the districts of Representatives Cindy Axne (IA-03), Ron Kind (WI-03) and […]
25 May 2021
AAN Releases New Ad Campaign In 14 Districts On House Vote Against Israel
American Action Network released a new ad campaign this morning, holding liberal Members of the House of Representatives accountable for voting against aid to help Israel defend itself against missile strikes from the terrorist group, Hamas. The ads come as House Democrats have increasingly taken up calls from the far-left to abandoned Israel, America’s closest ally in […]
14 May 2021
AAN Launches Spanish Broadcast Spot To Stop Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Scheme
American Action Network launched a new Spanish language broadcast spot upping pressure on Congressman Vicente Gonzalez to speak out against Pelosi’s dangerous prescription drug plan. The new ad is backed by an additional $140,000 ad buy and brings AAN’s total investment in TX-15 to nearly $500,000. The new ad, which will run on Spanish language broadcast […]
12 May 2021
House liberals panic over drug pricing bill
Looks like Speaker Pelosi has a math problem on her signature drug pricing bill. 10 House Democrats led a letter to Pelosi signaling their opposition to the proposal, “calling into question whether Pelosi has the votes to pass her signature drug pricing bill H.R. 3.” The letter comes days after American Action Network announced more […]