21 October 2019

AAN Launches $2.5 Million Senior-Focused Campaign Opposing Pelosi’s Socialist Drug Bill

The American Action Network today launched a $2.5 million campaign to stop Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s socialist takeover of seniors’ prescription drug benefits. The new campaign will reach seniors in 22 congressional districts, including TV in 7 districts, and mail, print, digital advertisements and live phone calls in all 22 districts urging lawmakers to reject Pelosi’s plan to limit seniors’ access to lifesaving medications.

An example of the new television ads which began running this weekend can be viewed here:

A complete list of districts can be accessed here.

“Nancy Pelosi’s heartless drug plan is nothing more than a backdoor into the socialist health care system the far-left has been dreaming of for years,” said American Action Network President Dan Conston. “Not only will this plan push us closer to socialized medicine, it would have drastic consequences for America’s seniors including limiting seniors’ access to lifesaving treatments. It’s time for lawmakers to show some spine, reject this heartless plan and get to work on bipartisan solutions that will reduce the cost of medicine without harming seniors.”

For years, AAN has been leading the fight against liberal efforts to seize control of Americans’ prescription drug benefits. The new efforts come on top of American Action Network’s recent campaigns to stop government meddling in prescription drug prices. Read more about those efforts here and here.


VO: How much is your life worth?

Liberals are pushing a socialist plan to put government in charge of prescription drug prices.

Radically changing Medicare seniors depend on.

In other countries with socialist health care, patients wait months or years for vital treatments.

Life-saving drugs aren’t available because government decides which treatments are worth the cost.

Tell Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer: stop the socialist takeover of your prescription drug benefits.


Courtney Parella

Communications Director