28 February 2019

AAN Launches $2.9 Million Campaign Urging Congress to Reject Government Interference in Medicare Part D

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) is launching a $2.9 million mail, print, and digital advertising campaign encouraging Congress to reject calls for government interference in Medicare Part D. The campaign will reach constituents of 46 Members of Congress and 11 Senators. View a complete list of districts and states targeted here.

“Liberal politicians are pushing harder than ever to bring government bureaucrats between seniors and their doctors with plans that would restrict access to medicines in the Medicare Part D Program,” said Dan Conston, AAN President. “We encourage seniors to call their Members of Congress and tell them to keep fighting bureaucratic inference in Medicare Part D.”

Current prescription drug price negotiations take place in a competitive Medicare Part D marketplace, which has held down average premiums to nearly half of the government’s original estimates. The Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly shown that government ‘negotiations’ on prescription drug prices will reduce seniors’ access to medicine. Yet liberals in Congress continue to fight to put bureaucrats in charge of Medicare Part D.”

Seniors can take action by calling Congress and sending a message via MedicareActionAlert.org.

Mail Piece Example

Digital Example

This ad campaign builds on a $2.6 million campaign AAN released in 2016 encouraging Members of Congress to oppose so-called “negotiations” in Medicare Part D.

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Courtney Parella

Communications Director