12 April 2019

Reports: Elderly go blind, cancer survival rates lag due to single-payer rationing

Have single-payer health care champions in Congress commented on the latest report on the United Kingdom’s National Health Service leaving tens of thousands” of seniors to go blind due to rationing of eye surgeriesin their single-payer system? Or what about the reportsindicating cancer survival rates in the UK’s single-payer system are lower than the in US?

The most alarming statistics: the 5 year survival rate after a breast cancer diagnosis is 8 percentage points lower in the UK than the US, and the survival rate for prostate cancer patients is 14 percentage points lower. It is no surprise that 25% of UK cancer patients have their treatments delayed, as is par for the course in single-payer systems.

Just this week, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the most extreme version of his single-payer plan, a $32 trillion government takeover of our health care system that would kick 180 million Americans off their employer-sponsored insurance, end Medicare as we know it, and raise taxes on the middle class. It would also put government bureaucrats in charge of the health care choices of every American, leading to longer wait times for and even outright denial of treatment like is happening right now in the UK.

Sanders, 14 of his Senate colleagues, and more than 100 members of the House have doubled down on importing a failing single-payer health care system despite the mounting evidence that Americans would suffer long wait times and be denied access to vital care under their plans.It is time for them to answer for their radical agenda and the harm it would cause patients across the country.