Health Care7 March 2023

Biden cuts MUCH more than a penny from Medicare

This morning, President Biden penned an op-ed claiming he will preserve Medicare “without cutting a penny in benefits.”

That’s simply not true.

Biden and House liberals are actively planning a 29% cut to Medicare Advantage benefits that will cost 30 million seniors up to $540 a year. Not to mention, Biden and the left already cut $300 billion from Medicare to foot the bill for “Green Energy” projects and an army of IRS agents just last year.

But the left can’t hide their record for long, thanks to American Action Network’s on-air $2 million ad campaign in 14 Congressional Districts, currently urging Congress to stop Biden’s Medicare cuts.

“President Biden’s hypocrisy on Medicare is on full display, as his administration continues slashing benefits left and right. Liberals in Congress must put a stop to Biden’s impending Medicare Advantage cuts now.” – AAN Communications Director Courtney Parella