31 March 2021

Did Malinowski see the photos?

Biden finally allowed reporters in to see the facilities at the southern border, and the photos that have emerged make clear: the Biden Border Crisis is far worse than we knew.

Facilities are 1700% over capacity. Pods (read: cells) designed for 32 people are packed with 615Thousands kept over the legal limit. Children are being held with no place to sleep. And that’s just to name a few eyepopping stats from the visit.

Conditions are heartbreaking and unacceptable, but Tom Malinowski STILL won’t even call it a crisis, let alone step up to stop it.

“Biden’s reckless immigration policies created this crisis, and it’s being made worse by the day under Tom Malinowski’s lack of leadership,” said ANN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Congressman Malinowski cannot continue burying his head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge, let alone step up to end, this heartbreaking crisis.”