26 April 2021

Golden sells out our health care to China

As we continue fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Congressman Jared Golden just can’t wait to sell out America’s health care to China.

In a letter to the Biden Administration today, Golden joined far-left Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal demanding a socialist drug pricing mandate that would have disastrous impacts on our health and national security. His proposal would make America more reliant on China for lifesaving drugs and medical supplies, push medical manufacturing overseas, and limit patients’ access to drugs and therapies they need now.

“Jared Golden’s socialist drug mandates were a terrible idea before the pandemic, and they’re downright reckless now,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “In the middle of a devastating global pandemic, Jared Golden is pushing government price controls that would halt the development of new lifesaving treatments and make our medical supply chain even more dependent on China.”