5 June 2019

House Marches Toward Medicare for None

House liberals are continuing their callous march toward socialized medicine, with a key member of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team signing onto their “Medicare for None” proposal and the Ways and Means Committee announcing a hearing next week on the same bill.

Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) yesterday became “the highest-ranking Democrat to co-sponsor” the bill, which now has 112 House cosponsors.

A hearing before one of the most powerful House committees and the growing embrace by their leadership makes clear the left’s number one priority is a heartless plan to rip away more than 180 million Americans’ health care.

“Ordinary people” will pay trillions more in taxes, just so they can wait months or even years for the care they need, all while being subjected to the whims of government bureaucrats.

This is what’s at stake – and Americans will not forget.