12 February 2021

NEW FROM CDC: school safe, despite liberal objections

The CDC issued brand new guidance to lawmakers today: it’s safe for schools to re-open.

According to the CDC’s new guidelines, “there is strong evidence now that in-person schooling can be done safely.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Congressional liberals like Susan Wild (PA-07), Andy Kim (NJ-03) or Elaine Luria (VA-02) to do anything about it though. As we reminded parents in the ad campaign American Action Network launched yesterday in 12 House districts, they’re beholden to the teachers’ unions — even if it means setting a generation of child behind.

Such a shame.

“The CDC has made clear in no uncertain terms that it is safe for children to return to their classrooms, and even then, Congressional liberals like Elaine Luria and Susan Wild continue standing in the way of getting our kids back in school,” said AAN Communications Director Calvin Moore. “It’s unconscionable that liberals in Congress would continue to sabotage our children’s future to appease their campaign donors that want to keep schools closed indefinitely.”