22 October 2018

Note From Norm: Election Day is Uncertain But its Impact is Clear

With about two weeks left before Election Day this much is certain about the outcome:  Nothing is certain.

It has become nearly Gospel that Democrats would have a sweeping “Blue Wave” that would wash Republicans out of the majority of the United States House of Representatives.

Growing alarms also suggested that Republicans might lose control of their slim majority in the United States Senate.

Things change fast, however, in the world of American politics.

While Republicans are still fighting for their lives in House districts throughout America it appears momentum is beginning to turn in favor of Republicans potentially keeping control of the House.

And, it appears more and more likely that control of the Senate is less in doubt for Republicans and, in fact, there may be the potential to add more seats.

Elections have consequences.  This election will, too.

Over the course of the past few months Americans have seen, heard and watched what Democrats intend to do if they are returned to control the levers of power in Washington, D.C.

The confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh underscored the sheer brutality of how much many in the Democratic Party crave power in Washington, D.C.

The non-stop pounding of President Trump and his supporters on every conceivable media platform, aided and abetted by their friends in the liberal press, has become a dull noise that Americans are increasingly turning off.

Increasingly angry and potentially violent confrontations of Republican elected officials at restaurants, their homes and other public places show the ugly side of what Democratic control of Congress may look like for America.

But, there are more practical realities, as well.

Democrats in control of Congress will spend every waking moment of their lives plotting to overthrow the President.

While the word “Impeachment” has rarely been heard over the summer for fear of Democrats stoking the Republican base before November, there is no doubt that it will be heard loudly within minutes if they are elected to control the House.

After all, it takes a simple majority in the House to pass articles of impeachment.

That the United States Senate would unlikely acquiesce to this act of partisan overreach there is no doubt that House Democrats are raring to go if they are the majority party after November.

The President’s efforts to restore equity in America’s trading policies would also be affected as Democrats would do their best to stop, or unravel, his efforts to change the balance of power in our trading relationships throughout the world.

The fiery economy Americans are enjoying today would also be impacted.

The passage of a tax relief and reform bill by Congress, signed into law by the President, would be front and center of Democrats efforts in Congress.

Already leading members of their party, including many who wish to run for President, are calling for repeal of the tax law that has been the fuel for the fire that has driven America’s economic turnaround.

To pay for their audacious plans that would cripple our economic growth Democrats would have to repeal the Republican led tax plan.

An act, that according to the Heritage Foundation, would negatively impact millions of Americans.

A report by CNBC states that “The conservative Heritage Foundation released an analysis this week showing repealing the tax cuts in 2020 would cost the average household nearly $27,000 in lost take-home pay over the next decade.”

Control of Congress matters.

While not everything in America depends on what happens in Washington, D.C., policy matters affecting our national peace and prosperity are largely driven by the actions of Congress and the President.

If you believe in strong borders, a military policy that strengthens our standing in the world and an economic worldview that places an emphasis on our trading rights as opposed to conceding them to others, it is important to recognize that control of Congress matters to these issues.

I do not agree with everything our President does.  Nor do I agree with every policy decision put forward by every Republican in the U.S. House or U.S. Senate.

But, on the whole, there is no doubt in my mind that keeping Republicans in control of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate is better for America’s future than giving Democrats control of either, or both, bodies in November.

The outcome of the Election Day in November is uncertain.

The impact of who controls Congress on America’s future is not.